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SANTIAGO 11/26-12/2

Laugh Santiago
I walked outside to take my bike to the shop and took off my soft bags, and checked my chain…. Shit... It was bad; so so loose again, my chain is on the way out, and with the suspension gone it has slammed on my chain thus stretching it out to the max. I tightened it up and headed to the Kawi shop. Well when I say this I mean rode up and down the street looking and looking, finally saw a Japanese sign for a car and rode a sidewalk, and finally saw a tiny Kawi sign next a to a nice show room. The mechanic was at lunch so I left the bike and walked back to my hostel for lunch and then walked back with Jimmy. The mechanic was super cool and helpful; it looks to be I have blown my head gasket which I was guessing from everything that was going on with the bike. He has been super cool pointing me where to take my bike to an off road guy for my front and back suspension because that is where they would take it and charge me double. He also pointed me in the direction to get a cheap replacement Windshield, tires, and chain/sprocket set.
I got a last minute message on Couchsurfers to meet up with a local for a beer. I met her and a friend at a bar called California, which was nice and really good local beer. We will be meeting up on Thursday for me to cook up some dinner.

This week I ran around trying to get a few errands done including a last minute Chest X-ray for my OZ Visa….. I just wondered around the city getting lost and enjoying every minute... I really like Santiago; yes that is crazy for me to say due to the fact I hate big cities. Although on the contrary it does not feel like a big city, it has a very relaxed feeling. This hostel is really great with amazing workers and owners, as well as great travelers passing through. A few of us, a Norwegian, English, Australian, and an American went to a bar… haha I don’t know sounds like a good joke. But I guess the real joke was we were all sitting there drinking 2x1 happy hour Pisco Sour’s, which is the joke if you have ever drunken one or seen one.. It comes out in a cute little flute and extremely sweet, very very girly. My Chilean friends found out we had been drinking them and they started to laugh.
I went over to my friends Nati and Magdalena to cook some dinner and drink some wine. I wanted to make one of my favorite fish dishes, but due to running around all day looking for parts and new tires I missed the fish market. So I arrived empty handed and we all went to the grocery store together. We decided on a chicken curry stir-fry. It came out pretty good, wasn’t my best but it was still good and the wine was really good as well as a few Piscola’s. We went to their friends club and met up with two of the girlfriends for a few more drinks, it was an awesome night with a ton of laughs. Took it easy on Friday as well, messed around with some photos, and got an email about my bike. Supposedly the Cylinder either got scratched up again or was never correctly honed in Argentina… So he said he was sending it out and that I would be ready to shred or at least take it to the suspension specialist on Tuesday haha.

Shot my Friend Juan who I met through Guille in Buenos Aires Argentina a few months back a message. He lives in Santiago and is a pro Photography; super chill dude. He invited me to go walk around the city and find some lunch. He scooped me up at the hostel and we headed off in his car, we parked near the fish market and walked around finally ending at the market. We grabbed a table and had a bottle of wine with two Cerviche, and a bowl full of shellfish. We had some Turkish coffee and I headed back to my hostel; on the way back he asked if I could help him out tomorrow with some pictures so he could get some lighting correct.
I got an email from Juan asking if I wanted to go over to his house tomorrow Sunday and have a BBQ.
I grabbed a sixer and headed over to Juan’s house to meet up with everyone for the BBQ. I met his friends they were a couple from the states (I am terrible with names now, I have met so many people) I will call them Chicago. If you’re reading this I am sorry I am an ass…. Hahaha
They have been down in South America Teaching English and traveling. We hung out eating Chorizo and having a lot of beers. Around 6 they left and Juan grabbed his photo gear and set up his camera and lighting. I was given a leather jacket and a scarf, I went to where he said and he just laughed… He pointed at my scarf and told me to fix it. Haha I laughed and told him I did not know how to wear one of these things never have before. So he fixed it and we got our pictures on, with me getting told what facial expressions to do, I kept trying to do funny ones and well that was not going to help him haha. SO finally we got a few good ones, for my help he gave me a nice bottle of Pisco. I headed back to the hostel to meet up with Jonny Sweet (yes that is his last name and it is awesome haha). We had bought tickets for the semi finals in Football (Soccer) for all Chile teams. We met up with his friend Neil who is living in Santiago, they are both from Scotland. As we caught the tram we all notice it was mighty quiet on the tram and once we arrived it was a ghost town. Ugh oh. Jonny was not sure if he had the time right, internet said 7:45pm… So we arrived at the gates and could hear the game, we asked how long the game had been being played; 70 minutes shit 20-30minutes left if we were lucky. We tried to get in and they told us to go around the other side, I explained our screw up and they just let us in to catch the last bit. We got in and the stadium was packed with 38,000 screaming fans. Luckily for us the score was 0-0, so for not a massive soccer fan, I was not bummed we had missed 70 minutes of no scoring soccer in the dying heat haha. The team with maybe 10% of the fans in stands scored two back to back goals and everyone started getting a little pissed. Game over time to go, so we headed out with the massive crowd; as we got close to the tram there was a massive line so we decided to grab a soda and some street food. As we were sitting we heard some bottles smashing and looked behind us just in time to watch a small mob start throwing bottles and rocks at the cop cars. Then cops in full riot gear started running into the crowd toward us and everyone included ourselves started to run away haha… Everything was getting m ore and more hostile, it was time to go. So we got in line for the tram, as we were almost to the front of the line (not a line a massive group all pushing for a small gate opening) they shut the gate to many people in the station. So for about 20 minutes we got smashed around in the front against the gate as everyone was jumping and still singing even though their team had lost 2-0. All of a sudden the riot cops came into the line and pushed everyone back and slowly let us in, as we were waiting one cop pointed at someone I did not know what he had said. After we made it in Neil asked if we saw that!! Saw what? The cop who had pointed at that kid, when the kid passed through the gate he sucker punched the hell out of him and dropped him to the ground and just walked away.. Haha
We waited for the train and finally got on one, where we were stuffed in like sardines. The guy standing next to me maybe 45 or so, all of a sudden smacked a guy no older than 18 and made a hand gesture of give it back. The kid put his hands up signaling he had nothing the guy just laughed and did the gesture again, the Kid sighed and handed him back his phone he just stole!! Haha and that was it the guy just went back to listening to music and the kid got off.
The whole tram ride was like being on a trampoline, all the fans jumping up and down, making the tram just bounce so hard u could not keep your feet on the ground so u were bouncing around as well. I totally thought of a YouTube vid where the Tram just falls off the tracks. Haha We pushed our way off the tram and headed back to the hostel and to my bottle of Pisco and a good night meeting new people. Not knowing how long the bike would actually take I had asked Ivan if he needed in help since one of his workers just moved on, he said we would talk on Monday when he got back.

(I decided not to take my camera to the match, so I still need to get pictures from my friend Neil- so Pictures to come)






Not many pics this post, will have alot for the next.

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