Saturday, December 31, 2011


DAY 53


I was surprisingly tired from yesterdays ride; I took it pretty easy all day. It is a very relaxing place, became friends with a Dutch Guy Ivo (evo), we walked into town (a very small town with not a lot going on). From there we got back to Zephyr and headed down to the river, which was nice and shallow but very very nice. That night we had a few beers and played giant Jango which was quiet fun and met a lot of new people.

DAY 54


Woke up today and was ready to do something new, exciting, scary, adrenaline pumping, or just go float down the river through the rainforest on tubes with beer…yeah that sounds perfect. Went with a good group of people from the hostel a rad couple Manchester Mark and Sophia, Elliot from Australia who works at the hostel, Ivo, Wis, and a few others. It was very nice and relaxing floated for over 2hrs. We got back to the hostel and just sat around tables playing cards and knocking a few back in the middle of the rainforest of Guatemala.

DAY 55


Yeah one of the raddest tours I have ever been on period. There was 15 of us that loaded up into the back of a truck bed and held on as we bounced and slid down and up a pretty gnarly road for about 50 minutes until reaching ……………. We walked along the river up to a little shack and dropped off all of our stuff and shoes, we were all handed one candle each. We walked up to the entrance of a cave and lit our Candles and slowly made our way into a waist deep pitch black cave. I was in the back with an oil truck driver from far North West Canada named Jordan. We made our way climbing up rocks, ladders, waterfalls with ropes, squeezing through tight water holes, jumping off of rock ledges in the pitch black, to finally swimming out of the cave into a small creek where we hiked out.

We grabbed our stuff and headed to the river where there was a very enticing rope swing. Well it was exactly that a rope swing which you had to sit on it and swing way out then push out. The guide went first and it looked pretty awkward and you were most likely going to belly flop from 20ft up. I was the next up and when I hit the peak of the swing, I laid out a nice little back flip out of it and landed okay with a little back slap. Got great video and pictures of other flipping and a few bad flops. I wanted to try a double backflip off of it, but when I was at the peak of it this time it started to twist so I just went for a single but instead I did one and a quarter right to my back hahaha.

We headed up to a nice bridge to jump off of which was something like 35ft-ish. One guy climbed to the top of the suspension bridge and jumped, sweet I wanna go. I climbed up got to the top and slipped… but caught myself and then sat down. I then threw a frontflip with a spin off of it and landed great. Came up and everybody was clapping, I on the other hand was not due to smacking my family jewels extremely hard haha, okay next jump.

We hiked up the crazy path with very steep ladder/ stairs to finally make it to this amazing lookout point, where we sat and ate our sandwiches. We sat above the blue lagoon pools over looking them by 500ft or so. After lunch we headed down to where the river chunders down under ground and disappears for a little bit. We swam in the waterfalls and pools for awhile till the guide took us over to a water fall about 50ish ft where we could jump off of. I was very excited it looked to be a real good one, of course the guide tells everyone don’t jump to right, left, or out Rocks but straight down to the middle was good.

I was very excited and went first and threw a nice front flip with a spin off of it. Almost everyone went at least once I jumped twice and was stoked, so we then headed back to the pools and for a slide. I wasn’t too intrigued by the slide it was about 10ft long and looked very bumpy and painful slide down some rocks. I did it and it was a very bump and painful slide but still fun, because everyone was laughing as we each just bounced down a rock just because some guide said too.. Haha smart people we are.

We walked back to the truck and it was quiet hilarious we all got in the truck and then waited… no driver. Lots of kids walking around the truck trying to sell Chocolate (very burnt chocolate) one guy was very funny getting a little worked up ready to leave but not. He had a cigarette and when he was smoking I looked at him and his friend “Can you please put that out, that’s gross and really bothering me” His face just dropped and his buddy just stared at me, it was classic. I just burst out laughing and everyone started to laugh it was great.

Got back to the hostel had a few beers, food, and played a few games and went and past out very tired.  

 Lots of pictures to come, very very slow internet cannot upload..
Only pic I could load

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breath taking

DAY- 51


Today was a straight forward day, ran around packing to leave tomorrow. Went to class, then out to dinner with Sarah from UK.. Super nice girl, who has been on the road for a little over 3 months and another month or so to go. I had the biggest plate of Chicken Nacho’s ever, for only 6 bucks. Today was probably the most low-key day I have had yet on my trip.



Today was EPIC!!! I woke up 7:30am was still very full from dinner so I skipped breakfast and loaded up the bike. I am very stoked to say that I am slowly dropping gear and clothing, on purpose and accidental. I left the backpack that was holding laptop, tools and straps on purpose at the hostel was able to consolidate all my gear into the panniers, Wolfman Waterproof duffle, and Wolfman Tank bag. I got great instructions on how to get out of Antigua and on my way. I was making great time flying into Guatemala City, (no map of the city..Yeah good call Fletch!) haha. Once I got into it I was just guessing, finally stopped and asked a delivery biker. He told me yeah yeah just keep going straight…nope lost again, I asked 5 other people all telling me different directions. I have figured out Guatemala is just like Mexico if people do not know they will still tell you some made up directions.. I was lost for over an hour in Guatemala City, I finally saw a McDonalds and stopped and asked. I pulled out my city map and asked where I was to one guy. All of a sudden I looked up and there was over 10 people around me telling me all different directions, I finally got an average direction to head. I walked outside and another guy came out and started to talk with me trying to help as well. I headed out and made my way finally I found the CA9 heading out of town. It was slammed with traffic so I got into city mode and started splitting cars and trucks making my way out of town.

            The road had a lot of construction or would just turn into single lane highway and you just hoped no big trucks were coming your way, (I would not want to drive a car here but a bike is fun easy to squeeze by people). I got turned around one more time then figured out where my switchback turn was. I stopped to have “lunch” M&M and nuts and put my jacket on, it was starting to get cold. I unstrapped my Flip-flops and jacket, strapped the bike back up and started to make my way. I came up on a Euro plated African Twin; we rode together for only 30km. I passed him at the Tope’s and led for awhile. I was whipping through the turns and came up to a very twisty spot. I ripped through a beautiful left, right, and then out of nowhere a huge 180 right hand. Came in way to hot had to lean as far as I could touching foot pegs, (yeah not the best idea on worn out tires) yuppers there goes the back tire. “You’re an idiot it Power through!!” Kicked the right leg out supermoto style, held strong, and straightened her out, yup all the hair on my back is at attention and I am smiling!

            I came into Coban rode in a small circle saw my exit and dropped down through the market and out toward Lanquin. I took a turn not fast and swear my front tire slipped out… “That was weird I must of hit oil or something”. Couple km’s later my back slipped out, “okay what the hell is going on”. Now it’s raining pretty good roads wet, and it feels like I am on ice!!! I had been warned about the Kenda Tires that I have and when they start to go they can be slick in the rain. But holy $%*%$#$#$%#$, I could go over 30mph in any turn or else both tires would slip out. I finally made it to where the road turned to dirt. Up until the dirt the road even slick had been amazing wrapping around the top of a valley, beautiful lush green valley with mountains everywhere. I used my helmet cam all day..(Figured out that I had wrong Memory card in it and ran out of space very quickly missed a lot of pictures, lesson learned). The dirt road was dirt, rocky, muddy, slick, and AWESOME!!! It was just switchbacks dropping into the valley, was full on breath taking. The KLR just bounded down through it all much happier than being stuck on asphalt all day, I really am starting to fall in love with the KLR. Although she needs a good name, any suggestions?  Everyone on the road was waving and smiling, it was a narrow road but being on a bike I was able to just squeeze by the traffic.. When I say traffic I saw 8 trucks and one bike on the road. I road through Lanquin saw the sign for Zephyr hostel and road down the alley to where it dead ended into a rad straw housing community. When arriving I greeted with a smile and a beer, a well needed beer at that. Right as I got a room I started to unpack and realized yup left my flip-flops on the ground at the gas station, yup gone.

 The hostel sits above a river in the middle of a rainforest with Mountains surrounding it, full on breath taking. So happy a random guy told me to head this way instead of the coast. I will spend New Year’s here looks like it will be a good time. I will go caving tomorrow or the next and waterfall jumping as well.

Internet is slow can't upload pictures, will soon.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


DAY 49-50

DAY 49-50

12/24/2011- 12/25/2011


Didn't know what today was going to be like for me. Woke up had breakfast and started my day off by walking around the city looking for some Jeans and shoes. I found some sweet fake Levis for cheap and they were baggy enough to make me happy (save your balls say no to skinny jeans.. haha) I headed to Spanish class, we ended up walking around the city conversing (slowly) drinking coffee and just enjoying the day, although it was over cast and made you tired. We went to her friend’s house for lunch and then back to class. After class I headed back to the Hostel to take a nap. I had asked my teacher where I could buy Fireworks and she pointed me in the right direction. The craziest place I have ever seen, a full market with mostly homemade fireworks, ranging from huge mortars to full on sticks of Dynamite. I was a kid in a candy store; I bought $14 worth which would have been over $80 back home.

 There was nobody at all at my hostel very empty place, nice but nobody to spend Xmas eve with. I then met a nice UK girl and a Danish Couple who was very nice. They invited me out to dinner with them; at first I said no thanks then smacked myself (what else do you have to do other than be alone eating street food for Xmas Eve). I joined them and as we were heading out all of the power went out throughout the whole city. Everywhere was closed; finally we found a place for dinner. It was a fun dinner experience, we all had pizza, but I was the only one who had meat or beer/alcohol. We went back to the hostel and all I wanted to do was set of fireworks, the Security guy said no no not yet. I was confused all I wanted to do was set of my Xmas present, finally I figured out I should wait till 12am. So I grabbed my bottle of Guatemalan Rum and had a few shots and relaxed with my new friends. Finally 2 minutes till 12am we went outside the streets were deserted; right as I lit off a stick of dynamite BOOOOOM, all of a sudden the city went crazy. I have never seen or heard anything like this; everyone throughout the city was setting off fireworks. It lasted for 9 minutes then everyone went back to the families. We hung out and finished off my little bottle of Rum. Went to sleep around 1am.

Xmas- Day

Woke up around 9am with a nice fresh breakfast and skyped with my family for Xmas morning. I then walked around all day with my new friends exploring new places and taking in the History of Antigua.



 I believe we are off to the Guatemalan Rainforest in two days for New Years Eve then down to El Salvador.
The green and blue thing was a 6+ft roll of one loud black cat!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


  I was full, all for less than 4 bucks.

Beet Salad.. no meat!? What!!! oh well still good!

Deep Fried Tacos, What no meat again!! Mash Potato inside delicious
Pollo Sandwich so good with Picante Sauce, mayo, ketchup

Nice ladys and I didn't get sick!!!


Feliz Navidad




Thursday, December 22, 2011

DAYS 46-48

DAY 46-
Today I slept in and ate a big delicious breakfast. Walked down to Clay’s Hostel around 10am to meet up with him and run an errand. He was waiting on his license, he was going to go to Honduras for a week to go scuba diving and then drive back to Antigua Guatemala in hope that his license showed up. I told him instead of back tracking and coming back here that I would check in and see every day of his license showed up and pick it up. We were already going to meet up in Nicaragua so I would deliver it there. He had a paper document of it so he could cross borders. We went to the school where his License was getting sent and he gave them permission to give me the letter if it came in. I ran around getting ready for class and ate a deep-fried pepper sandwich of some kind.
I went to class and it was very very full on, very hard and intense a lot going on. Once finishing class my brain hurt a lot so I left the homework on my bed and headed out for a walk. I started to feel weird and off balance, realizing had not had any water all day I got a bottle and a little food and started to feel much better. I went to tell Clay safe and rad travels and I would see him in a week or so in Nicaragua hopefully with his license and I would email if it came in so he didn’t have to back track. I got there and he was very very excited, his license had just shown up so we ended up going out for a couple of beers and dollar pollo Sandwiches.  

DAY 47-
Got up at 7:30, yeah that’s right I’m up ready for the day, going to eat a nice breakfast for free at the hostel and do 4hrs of homework and studying before class. 9am ate breakfast and messed around on the computer no homework or studying (I swear I am not ADHHHHHHD AT ALL!~!!!). Okay put the computer away; go to the café, coffee and study. I actually got my homework done and study a bit, although had way too much coffee. I realize this as I shake down the street toward school. I get through class; I am getting frustrated with myself. In my head I should be able to speak okay Spanish in less than a week.. Yeah not a chance takes months to get this langue, especially for my second language. Def should have taken more time with Rosetta stone, lesson learned you GRINGO.  Yeah let’s ride from Colorado to South America without even being able to order a beer in Spanish.. That’s not important… Good call Fletch…haha you’re a dang ol Thinker
Alright let’s go get dinner and a beer. I head back to the same street vendor lady I go to every night (she hasn’t got me sick and I am full for 2 bucks, no brainer).  Then go to this cool Café for a beer and internet. Drop my computer off at Hostel and meet up with Natali from my hostel for a beer and open mic night (no I didn’t sing or say poetry) nice girl from Norway.  Went home Skyped for a while with Sarah and Homie Dog and past out.

DAY 48
I slept in until 8:30, had a nice big breakfast. Alright let’s study…….nope.. Damn it Fletch you’re not going to learn you need to study.. okay okay… Wanna go for a walk and find an Orphanage too go to and bring presents to on Christmas? YUP!!! Hahaha okay okay I will study later. I walked around for a while, couldn’t find the Orphanage but I will. I want to bring soccer balls, dolls, and coloring books there on Christmas if I am still here.
I went to school and did well until the end started getting frustrated but played through and learned a lot. I have to be Patient with myself and study!!!! I got done and needed a beer bad today, so I grabbed a Pollo Sandwich from my new street food friend and headed to happy hour at my new favorite Café. I started to do some work and research for my next stage of the trip, but started talking to Phil from Canada who lives in Guatemala for 6 months and Canada the other six months. His girlfriend of 5+ years lives and works here. Very nice guy, kept buying me beers and wanting to hear my stories and telling me his. Now I sit writing to you, good day my friend I will talk with you tomorrow. PS I am real fast and just figured out my spell  check has not been on,… oooops my bad…

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


DAY 45-


Woke up this morning, yup that’s what I have to do learn Spanish. Loaded up my bike and made it back to Antigua in 1.5hrs, pulled in around 9:30, very smooth and fast trip. I started doing circles looking for a different hostel and who do I see walking down the road, my friend Clay who is also riding a KLR650 down to Argentina. I met him in Puerto Escondido, we started to talk and changing stories and then decided to meet up later for beer/ dinner. I decided to head back to my original Hostel because it has a great place to study and huge breakfast. I checked in and headed down the street to figure out my Spanish school. I walked in to find out prices, I had heard up to $140. He told me $120 for 5 days 4 hours a day, without me bargaining he dropped the prices down to $105 for morning classes and $80 for afternoon, sounds great afternoon please. It breaks down to 4 bucks an hour, but has been warned that it will be 4-6hrs a day of homework which I will be serious about.

So quick story that for some reason I didn’t write about, riding from Puerto Escondido to the Guatemala Border. We had been riding half the day and it started to get really windy, as we stopped for lunch. We joked about the wind and how hot it was and then headed off back on the bikes. As we come around a corner it is just getting windier and windier, all of a sudden there is miles and miles of Wind Turbines coming our way. WAM BAM SLAM, it’s on the wind is slamming into us, all I can do to keep my speed and lay into the wind as hard as I can just to keep the bike on the road. I am a sail getting blow around the road, all my strength just to hold the bike in my lane. If I go left I get hit by a truck or bus and if I go right I fall into trees and marsh. There was one point I was leaning left as hard as I could bike is at a hard angle winds blowing so hard that I start to still slide right toward the trees and marsh lean even harder I don’t know how my tires didn’t just slip out and left me laying on the road.  

So that story gets you ready for this one, we were exchange stories over beer and we were just telling each other about different things that had happen we both had unique crazy experiences getting across the border. Then I was like “dude what about that wind getting to the border” He looked at me and said “oh yeah that wind was gnarly I got pushed off the road and wrecked hard.” Wait what! “Yeah I wasn’t going fast about 70km caught a big gust and dropped off the road and wrecked in grass and marsh, luckily there was a big truck of Mexicans running a torch down the road who stopped and helped me.” Not only did they help him get his bike to the road but his Pannier had exploded so all of his clothing and gear was getting blown all over the place so they chased after it all. The wind kept blowing his bike over so he said screw it and threw his bike and himself in the truck and got a lift for about 20km till the wind died down. He told me he had found out that, that stretch was the windiest area in Mexico. The wind comes from the east coast and blast through to the west coast, supposedly people sailing have to watch the winds and time it right to get by on the west coast safely.

We laughed, drank beer, got some street food, and just hung out talking about routes and what not. It is always nice to meet up with another rider who has the same carefree style and are just along for the adventure.
So I will be hanging out in Antigua till Christmas learning Spanish then make my way south toward Nica...

Crazy Day- 44




Had a nice breakfast, skyped for a long time with family, and then packed up the bike, I checked out around noon and headed south. The Road was nice and took me a lot faster than I had planned. I was excited because I didn’t get lost at all, was way too easy.  I had heard of a surf lodge down here that you either took a sandy road to or a boat. As I got down to the coast I couldn’t find any signs or markers telling me which way to go. I took a guess headed toward the coast and then started riding a gnarly sandy road out toward the point. One side was the Pacific the other was Salt fields. There were tons of the shallow beds of water everywhere, I watched them work them. They would push all of the water to the corner drain and what was left was a pile of salt which would then be scooped into a bucket.

I rode the road as far as I could until it dead ended into salt fields, it was super sandy on the sides but for the most part if I could stay on the thin center strip of grass it was pretty sturdy. I saw a local and with my very bad Spanish he pointed me toward the lodge, but there was no road just beach. I thought about trying to go for it, gave it throttle and started to sink right as I got off the road. (Too much weight and balding tires) Two guys working came over and pushed me around a structure till I made it back to the road. I drove up to a place where I could pull off the vacant road. I then started to walk down the beach toward the lodge to figure out how I could get there. I didn’t have a good feeling about leaving the bike not locked up so I turned back to lock it up. I locked my back tire and helmet to the center stand. I was dieing in the sun, finally getting there.. Nope the local was wrong not the surf lodge just an expensive resort. I grabbed a Gatorade and headed back. All the way back was worried that someone might have randomly come down the road and took my bike by truck. I started to walk a little faster, after wasting an hour to find out that it wasn’t the lodge I was looking forward to seeing my bike. As I was getting closer I swear I heard a whistle, not someone singing, but more of an alert. Being paranoid I started to walk a lot faster.  I was relieved once I saw that the bike was still there, although as I got closer I realized my helmet was not how I left it. Then I also realized my tank bag was open and hanging off the bike only clipped in by one out of the four clips. I don’t know why they didn’t take it all the way off, I don’t think I scared them off I hadn’t seen anyone in a while. Nothing was missing, but there was nothing valuable in it, just guide book, map, tools, spare levers, bear spray, clear Oakley glasses. They could have stolen all of my bags, duffle, backpack, and tank bag. Weird, but I got over it and started heading back to town, looked and looked for a place to stay. Nothing, finally I found a spot but he wanted 35 bucks, so he helped me out and showed me his friends place but no safe parking. I said thanks but headed out of town, it was getting dark quickly I only had 20 minutes before dark. I made the call and decided to be safe than sorry and headed back for the room. No dinner just popcorn and water, too tired to go into town. I realized how awful I am at Spanish and I think I will head back to Antigua and do 5 days of intense Spanish classes, 4 hours a day. I will decided tomorrow.. but I need to be able to at least converse a little. It is the cheapest in Central America; Antigua would be a nice spot to meet some people, cheap hostels, safe parking, and cheap food.

 Shot taken while riding through the volcanos
 Getting closer to the Pacific, very hot
 Bike loves the coast
 The road
 The road again, Pacific on the right and salt farming on the left.
 Salt farming
 Thats what I saw when I got back my tank bag hanging off and helmet on the ground
 Dinner of the broke

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walking around Antigua

DAY 43-



Woke up this morning, went and sat down to have my free breakfast, thinking it was going to be a cruddy Contenital breakfast. I got scrambled eggs, Pancakes, Fruit, Orange juice, and Coffee, it was Delicous. I went for a walk through town just randomly getting lost and taking it all in, found a yamaha dealer and grabbed an extra quart of oil.. you never know. I messed around on the computer for a little while, then headed out to find this Café a friend suggested and get lunch. I stopped to check out some shoes, my skate shoes now suck and are giving me blisters. Found some sweet high top style ones green and yellow which are only 35 bucks think I will grab them tomorrow before leaving, and give mine away.

I found the café spot and ordered the lunch special, soup and sandwich for $4. It was delicous, I hung out there for another 20 minutes before walking home. I was 5 blocks away from my hostel and only 3 minutes away from the café when it hit me. BAM! A war broke out in my stomach, uh oh….. “am I going to make it to my hostel?”. “Okay don’t think about it hurry hurry, walk faster but not to fast to upset it anymore.” “Oh crap, did I walk right by my street?” Yup of course. “Okay time to hurry, turn the corner, okay okay I see it. Should I run? Nono it will make it worse, okay I am within a hundred feet can’t take it anymore run!!!!!” Flew through the doors, workers stared at me as I ran through the common area and disapeared into the Bathroom… Oh that could have been all bad, not feeling great now. I took an hour nap and woke up feeling good. I was actually Hungry. I walked around town and got lost in the market such a cool cool place, ended up at the square eating amazing Chicken sandwiches and Tamales, so so so good. I walked around and went back to the café and drank a few beers and watched a salsa performance with a few new friends from the hostel. Then we all walked back to the hostel. Been very tired the last 4 days.. good night sleep should do the trick… I liked Antigua, but a little toursty for me and I am ready to get back on my bike.

Friday, December 16, 2011

One of the raddest roads I have ever ridden

DAY 42-


All day long I just rode and laughed all the way through the twisties and small villages.. This is living, at its finest…

I woke up this morning in Quetzaltenango walked around for awhile it was very cold all night lots of blankets, I could see my breath this morning. I have been sleeping just in shorts and no sheets for over a month, this is a drastic change. I found a nice small café for coffee this morning and then roamed around looking for a bookstore. I found a nice place which luckly had the A VERY IMPORTANT BOOK THAT I DID NOT THINK TO BRING!!! English to spanish Voccab. Dictionary/ phrase book. OOOOOPS.. I wasn’t feel all that great all night so I grabbed two yogurt drinks for Breakfast and loaded up the bike.

I think Guatemala translates to “Fletcher you’re going to get lost A LOT!!” Haha It took me a lot of wrong way on one way streets, illegal U turns, and a little sidewalk usage to finally get out of the city and get on my way. “Lets make sure I am going the right way” Stopped at a gas station.. yup that’s a negative turn around try again. Finally after a few circles I am on the right road heading in the direction I want to be. The road is a freeway 4 lanes we are moving along zigging and zagging through cars and taking nice smooth turns on a nice smooth road. It was a lot quicker than I had expected to my turn off toward a senic detour that looked nice in my book. I headed down toward Lago de Atitlan a beuatiful lake surrounded by Volcanos. I passed through the lake town of Panajachel, the road started to climb with very twisty switch backs everywhere. The road was like glass extra smooth and no traffic. I was ripping through the turns and all of a sudden the road started to get gnarlier, crazy U turn switch backs that had a steep incline ramp in the middle of the turns, road was rough and then turned into Motorcycle eating Potholes you had to swerve. The road went from a nice 2 lane mountain road to gnarly 1.5 lanes to a single lane highway stilling being used for both way traffic.  I came up to a detour, the road had fallen into the river below, so you had to jump onto the dirt, then all of a sudden around a turn the road dropped down and vanished into the river. I stopped checked out how deep it was, watched a truck go through and then gave her a little throttle and made it through without a swim. The road just danced through the mountains/ volcanos, hands down the raddest road I have ever Ridden, so much fun I was just laughing the whole time from the twistiest to just the incredible views. All along the road today kids would either just sit there waving or run with you laughing and waving at you.
I wasn’t sure my sweet detour would actually work and get me to Antigua, but all of a sudden I was 60km from it and was home free. I blasted through the next big city took my turn and raced through the forrest, I pooped out at a T and kept heading south, stopped for lunch and made sure I was going the right way. Nope past the turn off about 15km ago, haha well lunch was at least really good and a nice break. I finally made it to Antigua.

I raced around town for almost an hour looking for a cheap hostal with safe parking, nope no luck. A guy who was handing out flyers for a Hostel pointed me in the direction, I checked it out but wasn’t a fan of it. There was another one next to it and I liked it a lot more, they didn’t have parking but said I could just park it in the bar. I met a couple who was from Holland and traveling the coast from Mexico on little 50cc Mopeds, with a homemade surfboard rack rigged to one of the them. I parked my bike, dropped all of my gear and took a much needed shower and a walk. Grabbed a little dinner and a beer and I am now just relaxing in Antigua Guatemala who would of ever guessed…. hahaha