Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walking around Antigua

DAY 43-



Woke up this morning, went and sat down to have my free breakfast, thinking it was going to be a cruddy Contenital breakfast. I got scrambled eggs, Pancakes, Fruit, Orange juice, and Coffee, it was Delicous. I went for a walk through town just randomly getting lost and taking it all in, found a yamaha dealer and grabbed an extra quart of oil.. you never know. I messed around on the computer for a little while, then headed out to find this Café a friend suggested and get lunch. I stopped to check out some shoes, my skate shoes now suck and are giving me blisters. Found some sweet high top style ones green and yellow which are only 35 bucks think I will grab them tomorrow before leaving, and give mine away.

I found the café spot and ordered the lunch special, soup and sandwich for $4. It was delicous, I hung out there for another 20 minutes before walking home. I was 5 blocks away from my hostel and only 3 minutes away from the café when it hit me. BAM! A war broke out in my stomach, uh oh….. “am I going to make it to my hostel?”. “Okay don’t think about it hurry hurry, walk faster but not to fast to upset it anymore.” “Oh crap, did I walk right by my street?” Yup of course. “Okay time to hurry, turn the corner, okay okay I see it. Should I run? Nono it will make it worse, okay I am within a hundred feet can’t take it anymore run!!!!!” Flew through the doors, workers stared at me as I ran through the common area and disapeared into the Bathroom… Oh that could have been all bad, not feeling great now. I took an hour nap and woke up feeling good. I was actually Hungry. I walked around town and got lost in the market such a cool cool place, ended up at the square eating amazing Chicken sandwiches and Tamales, so so so good. I walked around and went back to the café and drank a few beers and watched a salsa performance with a few new friends from the hostel. Then we all walked back to the hostel. Been very tired the last 4 days.. good night sleep should do the trick… I liked Antigua, but a little toursty for me and I am ready to get back on my bike.

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