Saturday, December 31, 2011


DAY 53


I was surprisingly tired from yesterdays ride; I took it pretty easy all day. It is a very relaxing place, became friends with a Dutch Guy Ivo (evo), we walked into town (a very small town with not a lot going on). From there we got back to Zephyr and headed down to the river, which was nice and shallow but very very nice. That night we had a few beers and played giant Jango which was quiet fun and met a lot of new people.

DAY 54


Woke up today and was ready to do something new, exciting, scary, adrenaline pumping, or just go float down the river through the rainforest on tubes with beer…yeah that sounds perfect. Went with a good group of people from the hostel a rad couple Manchester Mark and Sophia, Elliot from Australia who works at the hostel, Ivo, Wis, and a few others. It was very nice and relaxing floated for over 2hrs. We got back to the hostel and just sat around tables playing cards and knocking a few back in the middle of the rainforest of Guatemala.

DAY 55


Yeah one of the raddest tours I have ever been on period. There was 15 of us that loaded up into the back of a truck bed and held on as we bounced and slid down and up a pretty gnarly road for about 50 minutes until reaching ……………. We walked along the river up to a little shack and dropped off all of our stuff and shoes, we were all handed one candle each. We walked up to the entrance of a cave and lit our Candles and slowly made our way into a waist deep pitch black cave. I was in the back with an oil truck driver from far North West Canada named Jordan. We made our way climbing up rocks, ladders, waterfalls with ropes, squeezing through tight water holes, jumping off of rock ledges in the pitch black, to finally swimming out of the cave into a small creek where we hiked out.

We grabbed our stuff and headed to the river where there was a very enticing rope swing. Well it was exactly that a rope swing which you had to sit on it and swing way out then push out. The guide went first and it looked pretty awkward and you were most likely going to belly flop from 20ft up. I was the next up and when I hit the peak of the swing, I laid out a nice little back flip out of it and landed okay with a little back slap. Got great video and pictures of other flipping and a few bad flops. I wanted to try a double backflip off of it, but when I was at the peak of it this time it started to twist so I just went for a single but instead I did one and a quarter right to my back hahaha.

We headed up to a nice bridge to jump off of which was something like 35ft-ish. One guy climbed to the top of the suspension bridge and jumped, sweet I wanna go. I climbed up got to the top and slipped… but caught myself and then sat down. I then threw a frontflip with a spin off of it and landed great. Came up and everybody was clapping, I on the other hand was not due to smacking my family jewels extremely hard haha, okay next jump.

We hiked up the crazy path with very steep ladder/ stairs to finally make it to this amazing lookout point, where we sat and ate our sandwiches. We sat above the blue lagoon pools over looking them by 500ft or so. After lunch we headed down to where the river chunders down under ground and disappears for a little bit. We swam in the waterfalls and pools for awhile till the guide took us over to a water fall about 50ish ft where we could jump off of. I was very excited it looked to be a real good one, of course the guide tells everyone don’t jump to right, left, or out Rocks but straight down to the middle was good.

I was very excited and went first and threw a nice front flip with a spin off of it. Almost everyone went at least once I jumped twice and was stoked, so we then headed back to the pools and for a slide. I wasn’t too intrigued by the slide it was about 10ft long and looked very bumpy and painful slide down some rocks. I did it and it was a very bump and painful slide but still fun, because everyone was laughing as we each just bounced down a rock just because some guide said too.. Haha smart people we are.

We walked back to the truck and it was quiet hilarious we all got in the truck and then waited… no driver. Lots of kids walking around the truck trying to sell Chocolate (very burnt chocolate) one guy was very funny getting a little worked up ready to leave but not. He had a cigarette and when he was smoking I looked at him and his friend “Can you please put that out, that’s gross and really bothering me” His face just dropped and his buddy just stared at me, it was classic. I just burst out laughing and everyone started to laugh it was great.

Got back to the hostel had a few beers, food, and played a few games and went and past out very tired.  

 Lots of pictures to come, very very slow internet cannot upload..
Only pic I could load

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