Wednesday, November 30, 2011


DAY -25


Woke up, went and had some coffee and internet. Walked around for awhile and heded back to the hostel. I ran into my friend/ owner Mark who asked if I wanted to go see his welding friend about my foot peg issue. We headed into Escondido Centro and got off the bikes and walked into an open style garage. Talked to the owner, Marks friend. I decided to say screw it and get both Footpeg bases welding to the fram and centerstand. I am used to seeing people use a torch style welder and lay beads. This guy used some type of electric clamps which held a piece of metal of type and layed a bead on my bike. Very solid, as we were standing there Mark starting telling me a story about the guy welding how he had fallen off a building and landing on a metal pole sticking straight up . The guy pulled up his shirt and had a gnarly scar from his stomach to his ribs. Suppesedly he landed on the metal on his thigh and it went up through his stoamch popped out under his rib cage. One in a million to be alive.. He only charged me 13 bucks to weld my bike, I was happy I never had to deal with it again..knock on wood so gave him a nice tip which he was very surpised by. Rode back to the hostel, made a sandwich and headed back to town to get a rash guard for surfing. Mark is letting me rent a surfboard from him for the week for less then 5 bucks a day compared to all the shops here which is 14 bucks a day.

I grabbed the surfboard and headed up the beach toward the “smaller waves” yeah right!!! After walking 30 minutes up the bach, saw the waves there were sets coming in 6-10+ feet tall. Seth would have been pumped.. I watched a guy who had been caught stealing a tourist bag run from the cops, instead of going into the woods he ran for the WATER..hahaha after 1.5 hours of circling this guy on a jetski they finally got him to the beach arrested him got the bag back and took him away.. I was waiting for Andrea and finally just went for it… Was having no luck just getting dragged out do to the Riptide. I was getting out when I saw my friend Martin from Argentina . We talked for awhile and then he took me out surfing. I tried to catch a few wave and did but got wrecked. I was about to catch another one that Martin was yelling to paddle right as I was dropping in he started yelling no no don’t go! WAIT WHAT!!!! I tried to not catch it and pulled off the wave got dragged a little but did it, but now I am in  bad spot right where the rest of the waves will crash.. I then started paddling hard toward Martin a huge wve was about to crash on me so I did that sweet surfer dive move under the wave… Yeah right it grabbed me sucked me in, dragged me, flipped me around, and held me under felt like ever. I finally got to the surface gasping for air. I finally made it to the beach trying to still breath spitting out salt water. I sat on the beach for a second, Martins sitting on his board waving me back out… OKAY OKAY I can do this. I waited for the perfect timing, ran out jumped on the board and started paddling super fast…(really I am out of shape and am moving about as fast as a sloth). Waves starting heading my wave I get through one, then a second, and then a huge ones on its way. Okay I can do this, push board down and pop up, NOPE got swept again and pounded down the beach finally coming to surface to get pounded again. I crawl ontot he beach and just start laughing. The whole day I have just been smiling and laughing, I got my butt kicked all day but had the time of my life. As I am walking up the beach I saw a few girls from the hostel, one girl looked at me and was like “man looked heavy out there”. I looke at her laughed and said “yeah I suck, but was still fun”. Hooked back up with my friend and headed back to the hostel. Changed and ran to my spanish lesson, don’t know what was harder Spanish or trying to learn to surf in beg waves. Haha

I met back up with Martin for cheap dinner and a few beers, we tried to go out and it was not happening. We went back to the hostel ate a quick Sandi and went to bed I didn’t get out of bed till 9:30 3 hrs later than usual, I was exhausted.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DAY 23-24

DAY 24-


Woke up today with a mission find a nice cheap place to learn spanish for a week or so. Nope $170-$220 for five days….I was bumbed I really didn’t want to spend that much, because I new there were full week classes, sleeping and they feed you for $100 a week in Guatemala. I was talking to Andria and of course she new someone who taught at one of the schools I looked at but would do it out of her house for cheaper. So after we talked for a while we decided on $80 bucks a week for 2hours a night, I start tomorrow. Andrea and I rode around town on my bike she was showing me all the spots, and we found a surf board I could use or one I ould rent right on the beach. I am meeting her and Kia tomorrow to go surfing around 4pm then onto spanish classes.

Went out for beer with an Argentina fellow who had nothing but awesome advice of where to go and what to do while in South America.

DAY 23-


We woke up, I was planning on going to Andria’s house tonight to sleep and stay but the hostel has been nice to meet new people and is cheap ($6) a night.. I  then finally got in contact with Andria and she road down on her moped with her son Kia. I sorry that sweet house and they showed me around to one of the surf breaks answered a bunch of questions. David had changed to a nicer hotel, so I got back to the hostel and was just chilling for awhile. All of a sudden I thought I heard my name “no”, then again “naw”, and then the Hostel owner Mark was like Fletch you have friends. I turned around and it was my Belguim Friends in there 4x4 van, I met them a week or two ago. They are driving from AK to South America, we started talking and what do you know they had just ran into my riding friend from Poland he was here who I had lost in Sayulita. I jumped into their van and we went and found him. HAHAHA.. That night we met up with a group of us for dinner, 7 guys riding motorcycles and a couple driving a van all heading toward South or Central America.  I met a really cool group of friends Yullia from Germany, two really rad guys from Israel and a very nice Girl from Norway.. We had a few beers and play Janga.

Sunday, November 27, 2011



Made it to Puerto Escondido!!

DAY 22-


We woke up this morning could not find a bank, David loaned me 500 pesos for the day. We got gas and started laying tracks hard. We were nailing the turns all day throwing down, chasing each other, past a couple of cops who could careless. We went through a military check point, at first he was waving us to pull over, when neither one of us did he just waved us on. We got lost pretty quick in one town you can’t trust any of the road signs. We have been on mexico 200 but every sign that points off of it to a different town is Mexico 200 too. We followed one sign to Puerto Escondido instead of going to Centro and ended up on a dirt gnarly road that dead ended. I busted out the GPS and got us on the right road again. We hit so many Speed bumps over  200 hundred easly today. Right before lunch I was following David and he hit one no signs going 70mph wamwam… We stopped and a nice lady made us lunch four awesome tacos and a coke each, 69 pesos for both of us!! We started going and again lots of speed bumps, finally started to clear up straight clean road. All of a sudden “crap!” speed bump in the shade to late pin it!!! Wamwam 70mph that hurt, sorry bike.  We cruised pretty fast dropping KM’s  all the way. We got to Puerto Escondido very quickly pulled into the main beach area, pulled back out onto the road to many people not that awesome. We headed out oftown by 1 km, dropped back into another beach where the waves were huge and pumping. We rode through the town stopped to figure out where to stay, we were right in front of a cool hostel. Yup that will work 80 pesos a night I am in. We are hanging out here for the night and I wil meet up with Andrea and kye Tomorrow and stay with them. I needed cash and Internet so we jumped on the bikes and headed into town I was leading we came upon a transit cop ( I have been told not to look at them and just plain dumb gringo and ride by). Well he shot his wistle at me I thought he wanted me to pull over for speeding so I just kept going straight he was waving at me and walking toward me I just kept going. David got stuck with him in the road I thought for sure he just got a ticket and had to pay him off, I waited and waited nothing so I went to the bank. David pulled up right as I parked, Ticket? Nope he just wanted us to go out another exit… oooops.. haha no harm no foul.  We then went out to dinner, I am on a tight budget Davids not. I was looking for cheap tacos, He finally was like lets go get grilled whole snapper, my treat it has been a blast riding with you the past couple of days… I fought it for a while, wasn’t going to win okay…It was an awesome dinner they just grab a fesh snapper throw it on the grill and send it out with Potatoes, salsa, and Tortilla’s. Thanks again David!!! Went back to the hostel had a few beers and played pool. Really cool hostel Mark and Louis started it about a year ago, they are both from Mexico City, Mark lived in Italy for 6 years.
I will be taking Spanish classes here for the next week or so..


Day 21-


Today we woke up and got riding very quickly, we wanted to get to and through Acopoco by 2pm. We started laying tracks as David says,  we were whipping through the turns and straight aways.. I did it again I blasted past cops all day but nobody cared. We just rode hard today head down and ripped. We were on the road David rode up asking if I wanted to stop, yup rubbed the belly wanted food. He pointed backwards which I didn’t see and I pointed forward and pinned it. We found a little town 5mins away, pulled in. Found a place to eat and just ordered whatever they were serving, which was Pollo (chicken leg) with a deep brown spicy sauce, rice, tortillas, and veggies. Perfect we hung out ate and relaxed. We got on the road again, making miles pulling into Acopoco I new it was going to be busy and stressful. I hate cities and traffic and it was both to the max. THANK YOU JASON VERNON!!! Davids GPS was no good in cities wrong maps, the GPS Jason gave me for my Bday was the best!! There were no signs at all just followed the GPS through a sea of Blue and White VW Bugs. Walking speed traffic up hill, bikes are getting hot, were just dripping in sweat, and constantly getting cut off or pushed to the side. Finally we started getting out of traffic and then every 10 meters there were huge speed bumps, if we hit  one we hit three hundred of them today. We finally got back in the open space no traffic flying, and I come up on a bus. I am stuck behind it for 5 mins finally see some room to make a pass as I pull out the bus does a Nascar move and slams the bus into the left lane right out in front of me cutting me off almost taking out my front tire, like with in a half an inch or less. Then he did his pass and I was able to pass him and the slower truck in front of him.I know every single person in that bus smashed their heades when he swung out… hahaha..  Today was the first day I finally felt comfortable on the bike me and the bike were flying all day slaying the turns hard. We found an okay town to stop and stay at. Hotel was kind of expesive for such a crap hole. Beds were foam on top of cement slabs, no hot water, shower drain didn’t work just flooded the bathroom, but still was only $12 each. We went in search of food, and found my favorite. Looks like Gyro meat spinning on open flame and they just cut a little bit off at a time with a bit of Pineapple, called Taco Pastor- AWESOME!!! We both had 10 small tacos each and two beers for 5 bucks each!! So awesome!!!!


DAY 20-

11/24/2011 TURKEY DAY

We had been warned that we were heading into sketchy area, Slept outside of the first sketchy town. Woke up early this morning and started crushing some miles. We had to pass around one city and the toll road was 109 peso’s 9 bucks!!!! The road was amazing super twisty for miles and miles like over 150miles of twisties hard sharp fast twisties.  We rode around 400ish miles. We saw some of the most amazing sights. There were many animals in the roads, roosters, lizards (big), Dead Bull , dogs (dead and alive), and lots and lots of Butterflies. We stopped and ate a pretty big flavorless lunch/ breakfast. Then just kept crushing miles trying to get through, although we didn’t feel it to be sketchy or bad, just beatiful and peaceful. LOTS AND LOTS OF SPEEDBUMPS!! I went flying then skidding through a military check point they were not impressed, hahaha. We were holding around 75mph slowed down real quiick when we came upon construction road was on it for a while then finally it opened up to a nice road we started going again then every bridge had super big lips on the and off the bridge so you were gapping onto then and dropping off of them. I was following David when we came onto another long bridge we were moving pretty quickly, then with out warning the road/ bridge just dropped off we gapped down a few feet landed onto a small dirt hill then the road had collapsed on either side down into a pretty deep gully other hten than lane that shot across we barely made it onto it and luckly no cars coming or else it would have been all bad. We each almost got hit a couple of times by cars, they don’t really look for motorcycles or cars for the matter they just hit the gas and go. They pass a lot on blind hills and turns, very scary to come around a blind turn or hill and there is a car in ur lane heading your way. We finally made it to our destination last Night Z------ outside of Acopoco and slept for the night. We hiked around got lost and then a 8 year old took us down the street to find delicous tacos we were so hungry and they were so good we each had 9 little tacos for our thanksgiving dinner with rice milk. We then made it back to our hotel and skyped our families to say HAPPY TURKEY DAY…

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heading South again!!!



Was pretty slow getting going this morning, Finally got out of there around 9ish As we were leaving the hostel we had to get our bikes from the back which meant we had to drop down this little dirt alley to the main road. I got out last and headed down the dirt and a fucking Jeep started heading up not stopping so I started sliding right toward her last second hit the gas and peel around her stil don’t know how my bags didn’t swipe the side of her car. We headed toward PV and I returned some stuff too Auto Zone. Half way through town my foot peg gave and swung down only on one bolt. I rode like that through PV got to the other side stopped at a gasstation and asked a cop where a hardware store was. We were litteraly right next it, so the old one had stripped out bad. So the plan was to grab a standard size one and rethread it into it. No luck small one was just a little to small and the larger one was too big. I was going to need a bead put on it or…….. I grabbed the smaller one and shoved it in then wrapped the fucker in duck tape so now It acts like a safety pin. I will get it welded when I get to andreas house. We swept up the road going from beach up into the mountains had lunch which was goat stew (awesome). David is a fast fun guy to ride with. I thought I was going to run out of gas which was fine have reserve then I have more reserve. Bike did great getting over 40mpg. We pulled into Barra De Navidad and decided to get a room and wake up early. We went split a 26 dollar room and headed in to town for beer and food. It was okay nothing special. Skyped and phoned a lot of people. Now we wake up 630 and ride…

Meeting new friends


Woke up cleaned the bike and put her back together. I didn’t leave until 12 not enough time to make it to next destination so I found a cheap hostel and took the gear off and ran the bike To PV for a test ride. She ran awesome, when I got back there were two other adventure bikes at the hostel. Quinn and David, we went out for way to many expensive Margaritas and beers. Great stories and friends, david hit a moose in AK and broke his wrist, totalling his bike. Got a new bmw and robd back to AZ with a broken Wrist. He is a father of 5 kids and 18 grandkids! Very nice guy, Quinn is staying in Sayulita, We will ride together tomorrow south. Can't wait to get on the road again.

Monday, November 21, 2011


So pumped right now!! Went through the bike, changed spark plug, cleaned out the carb and checked it, fixed a broken choke cable with superglue, tape, and zipties. She is now right like a bat out of hell!!!! THANK YOU BILL!!!! LIFE SAVER... Heading South tomorrow!!!


I got all packed up started the bike moved it to the street, loaded her up said good bye to my new friends Deigo and Lulu and left. I made it about 1.5 blocks and she turned off. I messed with it for awhile and could only get her to run with the choke all the way on. I made it slowly into town and went to get coffee and internet. Did some research and also wrote my friend bill from an email. He came over to where I was parked with in 30mins. We messed with it for a bit and came to relize that it wasn't a quick easy fix. So we putted up to his house where I setup a tent in his yard through some pesos to his landlord for letting me stay and stripped my bike. He went to the the beach with his family and we will meet up to take apart the carb around 5ish once it starts to cool down. He has a nice clean Garage with good light to work in. No point to be bummed wouldn't do anby good, so I am going to go for a swim and get a taco and just laugh. There would be must worse places to be stuck in. hahaha Update soon fingers crossed

Sunday, November 20, 2011




Woke up ready to leave, walked into town very hot and tried to get internet and coffee. Ordered Coffee and got the interenet Key, the coffee never c ame so I left with out paying just using the internet for 30 minutes.  On the way back I stopped and had these amazing goat tacos that came from a goat stew, fucking epic!!! Great Breakfast!!

I walked back to the camp and started to pack up got everything packed sitting on the ground started taking down the tent. Stopped walked over to my new friends Lulu and Deigo (he rides a ktm 300 rad guy very interest in my trip and generous to help ). Asked them if it would be just as busy today as it will be tomorrow, due to being end of the holiday. They said it would be, but the way I am going should not be a problem. So I quickly changed my mind and resetup my tent and threw my gear into it. Paid for another night and went for a swim.

DAY 15-

Day- 15


Woke up around 6:30 and slowly started to get ready. We didn’t get back to the taco joint for breakfast till 9am, and the breakfast was awesome as well, deep friend chips, covered in queso and Feta, scrambled eggs, Beans, and fresh HOT torillas-(Ranchero). We heded out of town like Bandits, fucking flying passing cars as if we were running liter bikes, so much fun and beautiful. From the beach up into a mountain pass and then blasting back onto the beach. So much fun we rode hard and then bam damn ol traffic. (It’s a holiday this weekend so everyones on the coast) We past most until we hit a town and was stuck in hot dead moving traffic, he tried to take us on short cut but ended up bouncing down a sidewalk and slamming into/ over a little wall. We busted back out of town and headed making good time. He jumped around a bus in town which didn’t make the bus driver happy so he swerved trying to swipe him, and then he missed a biker but just a few inches at an intersection. We stopped at a gas staion filled up made plan if we get seperated by traffic we would meet in Sayulita. I got to Sayulita a little behind him and he was no where to be found made a few laps and could not find him. Stopped walked around thought I saw him ran back to the bike jumped on and chased after. Nope nobdy on a bike, went back to the highway got on and started heading toward PV, about 10k down the road wasn’t really feeling it and wanted just to relax no need to push down the coast if I do have to. So I headed back to Sayulita looked some more and gave up got an expensive camp spot (90 pesos) (8 bucks)-again holiday weekend and it was packed. I just ate 2 delicious tacos and will walk back to camp. I hope I will ride again with my friend, very fun to ride with.. Oh well shit happens.

I got an message on that a guy Bill from Steam Boat lives here In sayulita and wanted to meet up if I came through. So I wrote him that I was there and was down to meet up. He told me 9:30 at the center of town under gazabo. I thought I had missed him and waited till about 9:45 and he showed up smiling. We sat and drank two beers each in the center, which he bought for us (very rad). Awesome to talk to another adventure rider who had ridden in Mexico, he gave me a lot of awesome tips and heads up. I learned a lot from him from the police to the food, what to do if pulled over what not, what to eat what not. Was a very friendly guy and very willling and wanting to help. I kinda of cut it short due to having to pee again in 5 minutes from drinking a lot all day.  Got back to my tent by way of awesome prok tacos which was slow cooked like gyros. Then I promptly passed out cold.

DAY 14-



Was all over the place last night trying to get comfy while sleeping in a movie theater type chair, finally ended up on the ground which worked great and saved me 50bucks. I was up around 5:30 watched the sunrise on the ocean with no land mass in view, just a couple of Sailboats. We had parked the bikes on the bottom level so we were the last to go to the lower decks ot move our bikes/ cars other than truckers. We finally got to go to our bikes I was praying mine didn’t fall over or else it would of smashed into the side of a Mustang hahaha. I packed up my bike as quickly as I could trying to get out of there before headache began from everyones exhaust just running waiting in line to get up ramp and out of boat. I got myself out relatively quickly and waited for my new friend (still can’t remember his name poland.

 We headed right out of town , it was getting to be a hot day we didn’t really start riding away from ferry till almost noon.  We stopped a couple of times for water, more then I usually do but it was nice to ride with someone else. He rode like a racer in and out of cars passing fast and constantly which I enjoy so we chased each other down the Pacific coast taking the 15 not toll road. We arrived at San Blas around 4 and very hungery and thirsty. We tried to ask a couple of people where to eat and all locals kept sending us to McDonalds.. no thanks. We finally chose a place to eat which turned out to be AWESOME!! I ate a lot, I had a Marlin Burrito, and three Carneasada Tacos and washed it down with two beers. It was 100 pesos each with tip, 8 bucks and I was full for the night. We headed toward Stoners Surf Camp, $4 camping, we hung out with 3 German kids, one Mexican guy who was working, and two Mexican Girls . We ended up drinking a lot of beers, the table was covered in empties and my flask was out of Tequila so I went to bed.

DAY 13- FERRY!!!!!

 I woke up talked with a nice English girl for awhile about our trips we were on. I moved my bike to the front entrance and packed her up. I got directions and headed to the ferry port early around 9:30 (my ferry wasn’t until 6pm but I had lot to do). I got there and got my Permit for my bike with little trouble had to get extra copies made and then $444.00 later I was done, although $400 was a deposit that I will get back when I leave Mexico with the Bike intact.  I met two other bikers one from England on a 1200GS BMW and a lady from Austalia on a KTM 640 enduro. Very nice, they both were doing there own spin of a RTW on there bikes in for the long haul. He had flown in and headed to AK then zigzagged through Canada and then finished by hitting every state in the US. Very nice people. After I had received my ticket and permit (ticket was 1700 peso- for bike and myself), I headed back to La Plaz. I headed through Centro and got lost found a Yamaha shop looking for Chain Lube. They were out but did have oil so I grabbed another quart, the mechanic tried to give me instructions to shop for lube but to no good. So he gave up grabbed his helmet and with a smile on his face went for a spin and showed me first hand where the shop was. It was out we just laughed and tried the next, they were out too. After they were done making fun of me for riding an Ugly KLR, he got his mechanic to give me a bottle and let me spray my chain for free. My new friend who had shown me the way headed out. 

I headed back toward the Center after getting lost for a second I figured it out with help of gas and directions. I parked my bike and headed toward my new favorite taco stand for a coke and 4 fish/ shrimp tacos for 5 bucks. After this I went and sat on a stage near the street people watched and relaxed in the shade. I then headed down the street stopped in a popular Icecream shack and had a delicious banana Ice Cream cone. Headed back to the bike jumped on and headed out of town back toward the ferry. I stopped about 100 yards from the entrance of the check point to get out my ticket and permit. I did it again… had the bike on center stand and left the kick stand down, so when the bike came off the center stand it hit the kick stand and wooops there I go. The bike was to heavy for my right leg and I slowly let it down to the ground. I tried to pick it up three times (I could of if I had no choice but it would of hurt a lot!!). Instead I looked up at a guy who was watching me and hitch hiking, looked at him as he stared and waved his ass over to help me out. With a little fight we were able to wrestle the bike up . I crossed the permit check point with ease. I stopped and started talking to a very nice guy who was new a little english. We talked for a while then moved over to the shade. He had 6 kids and lived in Mexico City and once a month made runs over to Baja taking packages from Mexico City to Baja. He then let me follow him over to the line up where we hung out and waited till we were called to load. After he left I was hanging out with funny Mexicans who didn’t speak English and my shitty Spanish we spoke with our hands and actions very funny. Right before I loaded up a guy riding a 08 KLR650 rolled up and was like your from Colorado me too. Well then I realized he saw my Colorado sticker from the front.

Nice guy we hung out for another 5 mins before we were waved onto the boat, we went down a few levels and found a nice place to park. He new the deal setup the right way and strapped his bike down. I was sent to the  wrong place and didn’t have a great place to strap it down and was on bad angle. So I just found a pole leaned it against ans strapped it to the pole then strapped it to the floor.. (Fingers crossed hope it makes it the night or else it will be in the side of a Mustang). We were tieing the bikes up when all of a sudden he walked over in a daze and blood was flowing from his head. He had smashed his head on the the stairs tieing his bike down. He was fine but was bleeding pretty good. That’s when I found that Nazil spray slows the bleeding  quickly. I found a safe seat to keep all my crap in, he joined after shower. We had a bunch of beer and a free dinner (included). Talked a lot about where our planned routes were, and how this trip hadn’t seemed real up until now. He is a lawyer and Motorcycle racer from Denver. Good night now!!!.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011




DAY 12

Lots of goodbyes yesterday to Dan and friends. Last night just hungout with Jason for the last time in a year or so. I will def miss that man, a very close friend. I then said goodbye today after changing the oil filter. I then drove back out to Mary's house to get my camera which I left. I got on the highway and headed toward La Plaz. I was heading out and had to get through a Military Check Point, they were waving everyone through. I stopped at the gaurd, he asked if I was an American I said yes and he told me I had to pull over and get checked.. hahaha. I did and the next guy asked me what I head in my left Mannier I told him clothes and camping gear, he waved me through.

I was heading into La plaz from Todo Santos, about 10k from town on the highway. All of a sudden I hear Fletch! Hey Fletch! I look to my right and there is Bret a friend from seattle who I met down here on his dirtbikes. We pulled over he was on his way to get his wife who flew in. His buddy who had driven down with him had broken his ribs and had to fly home. He was able to give me a quart of oil for my bike and wouldn't take any money, which was awesome of him. Then we went on our way. I recieved my first gas dontaion today on Paypal which was awesome and amazing.
Please check out website!
lots and lots of new pictures!!!!

DAY 9-11

After a nice relaxing morning we packed up and head out to find where Jason V. was staying. We rode toward Todo Santos and right before arriving we headed left down a dirt road for about one klik. He was staying in hios own personal compound, very nice and on the beach. We just relaxed and unwound from the wedding and for me the long drive staright full throttle from Crested Butte, CO. We ate good food and drank good beer. Nothing crazy happened except jason turned his rental Nissan into a rally car and scared the crap out of Dan many times very very funny. We must of hit a water hole in the dirt road down 70mph.. SO SO FUNNY!!! He loved the Ebrake on everyturn.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

DAY 7-9

Day 7-

I woke up around 6:30 ready for action packed my bike , got a car moved so I could squezee out. I jumped across the street to the gas station. I got 80 pesos of gas and had my money all together, wen tot pay with a 200 and he turned around hten back around with a 20 in his hands. Saying I hadn’t gave him enough have a sleep I gave him more and when I left I relized he had just scammed me I had given him a 200 …well played scammed me for 16 bucks…It took me 2.5 hours to get to Todo Santos for the wedding from Laz Paz, took over 1.5 hrs to stop getting loss and get on the right road and then less then an hour to get here.. I finally made it didn’t know where to go but knew Mary and Allisons friend owned a surf camp so I stopped talked with him checked my email and found out everything I needed to know. Pulled up right before 11 and ran into all of my friends with beer and tequilla heading for the beach. Quickly threw my gear in Dans place and met them at the beach for beerfast. Hung out on the beach till 2 eating tacos and drinking beers. We got ready and headed to the surf Colonel  for the wedding. Beautiful wedding.

Day 8-


I was hungover and exhausted from my ride, but couldn’t sleep so  I went for a nice walk on the beach. We went into Todo Santos for tacos for lunch, grabbed some gas and a lotto ticket (I won 20 pesos, off 10,… ) We all sat at the pool all afternoon relaxing and drinking beers, we decided to change and head into town for a quick bite of sushi. It was a fun little local spot off the beaten path. Got back and Mary hasd her last little party in full swing, everyone was hanging out and drinking one more time. Went to bed early, was a little lost because the toilet had stopped working in the room so Dan had switched rooms, but then I saw him and was all good. Went to bed early

Day 9-

Couldn’t sleep, woke up with a little belly ache. Went for a nice walk watched the sunrise over the mountains to the beach. There were 2 surfers out, pretty nice sets coming in 10ft from the back.


I had one day till the wedding 890K to make it to the wedding, go time.

Day 6-

Got a lttle bit of a late start due to waiting for a moto shop to open so I could get a new tube, finally did (expensive!!!)  I road hard all day holding at about 80-85mph unfourtantly I have one deadline for the next two years and that’s to be in Todo Santos on Friday for a wedding. I road for about 9.5hrs stopping for gas, lunch, and a quick stretch/ Pics. I passed through Cludad Insurgants around 4:10pm Kept going watching the sun dropping, once I made it to Cludad Consitucion at 4:40pm I had a choice to make. Do I sleep there or keep heading south and hope what I read about hotel at Santa Rita. I chose the wrong one, I kept going and to my dismay no hotel there or in the next couple of towns. I had 90k to make it and it was getting to be dusk. 30 minutes into the ride it was dark I jumped behind two cars and follow them the rest of the way to La Paz. I made it with out any problems other than swearing at myself for pushing it and getting caught in the dark again this time my fault no excuses. I got into town went to first hotle… full!! Second they had room but was kind of expense, after a little haggling I got him down to enough I could afford with free secure parking and internet. Nice cheap taco and beer place around the corner. I will wake up early tomorrow and make my way to Todo Santos for the wedding.. haha pushing it close buit if all goes well I will be with great friends and beaches tomorrow.


 Day 5-

Today I woke up well rested and very centered and happy. I got on the bike and started making great time I road for about 2 hrs and found a great little bus that was selling Huervo and steak CHEAP!!. I had breakfast and got gas, and head up into the mountains. I was flying up this mountain about 9k away from town took a nice big right hand turn straightened the bike up and then all hell broke loose… Well actually just the back broke free started sliding all over as if I was on ice… Got it under control and slowed down looked down and had my first of many FLATS…back tire!! I had never changed one solo so I was very happy that my dear friend Tree had sat down a did a tutorial with me about a week ago with an old rim and tire.

I pushed the bike across the road to a flatish dirt patch off of the highway 1. I kicked the bike onto the center stand and threw my bags on the handle bars thus bringing the back tire off of the ground. I had to kick my wrench to break the bolt free then was able to slip the axle off. The Disc brake setup came of easily then I rolled the tire forward and was able to roll the chain off.  I place the tire on the ground and got to work with the tire irons, when I got the tube out there wasn’t small hole to patch up.. it had blown a hole bigger then a poolball out, I had ran over a huge staple that was still in the tire. All said and done it took me over an hour to get a new tube on and get it back on the bike. Hardest part was getting the tire off the rim and raplacing  the Disc setup back on. I then put air back in but figured out that I had bought the wrong size CO2 but was able to put small cardboard at the bottom to make it fit. Although after I got about 20psi the pump broke. So I started to put the luggage back on, as I was getting ready a BMW GS1200 past me heading South. At this point I had gained a lot of knowledge of my bike but had lost about 2hrs total of riding time.

I was making good headway when I came upon a sign saying no servcices 240k I had already road 140k so I didn’t think I would make it with out more gas or having to use my back up. So I saw a man selling gas by the jugs, I got 4 liters and was on my way. I passed a tire place saw there was other bikers so stopped to see if they had tubes, they did not. I was asked by one of the bikers who was on a nice Ducati if I had a correct wrench for his axtle he too had a flat, I did not.

I kept going nowhere to stop, that’s when I realized I was not going to make it before dark, started to get a little worried. I pulled into town about 5 minutes till dark I passed a gast station in looking for hotel. Found it and it was closed, the next one was another 40k up the way. I luckily saw that BMW again and waved him down. He was looking for a hotel too, we decided to ride together through the dark and find a place to sleep. About 5k out of town I ran out of gas (bonehead move) was too worried about finding a place to stay. I put my reserve gas in the tank from my rack and headed on my way with my new friend. Got to the next town grabbed gas and tried to find a hotel but they were all $70 plus bucks. We headed out of town to the next town Guerrero Negro. We finally found a place for 30bucks so we split it and got our gear off the bikes and went and had dinner. I know it is bad to ride at night in Mexico but sometimes you have no choice.. Due to flat tire I was put in a bind.

DAY 3/4

Day 3-

I slept in a little, went out to the bike to try and figure out if I needed to change the jets. After a little while of messing with it and talking to Jason while he looked up a bunch of stuff online for me we decided that the guy I bought it from never chagned it from sea level so I left it.  I went right from there and headed full thottle down the 15 toward LA. I came flying up on traffic all red lights over a hill had my feet on the highway bars and had no time to hit the brakes luckly nobody was in the next two lanes and I was able to swing past all of the traffic and hit the brakes. I got to Dales around 4:30 he got home a little past 5 we changed and headed to pick up Tate. We headed out to dinner to watch the Bears vs. Eagles while Tate did homework and named all of the QBs for each team. It was great to catch up and see them.

Day 4-

I woke up and said goodbye to Tate and Dale at 5am, laid around for about 45 minutes  getting my stuff ready. I ran around Santa Monica getting cash, gas, oil, and a few other nicnacs. I took the 10, to the 405, to the 5, passing through San Diego and stopping at a target about 20 miles before Tecate/ border. I was so nervouse and exciting getting to the border, so so scared but at the same time so ready for this. I came to the border they were checking all of the cars before me and then just waved me through. I stopped and asked where I could get permits and tourist visa. Was told I either had to go to Tiajuana or to Mexicalli. I remembered reading something online saying I could import my bike in La Paz at the ferry and so I hoped I could do everything there.

I  pinned it over to Ensinada which was pretty staright forward lots and lots of stop signs… sixty to zero real quick every 500 metters.. I pulled into Ensenada at around 1:30 lucky I stopped at an Information booth and asked where Money exhange was. Luckly I did because she asked if I had received my travel visa and had my Passport stamped. I told her I had not, she said I lucked out I could get it done right up the road, last place to do it in Baja, (that could have been a real headache).

I went got my passport stamped and a visa as well as found out that I could import bike in at the ferry. I headed out around 2:30 rode hard and found out why everyone says that mexico is a pretty crazy place to drive one the road. Nobody cares if it’s a passing dotted, single solid, double solid line, or a blind turn . They just pass everyone , lots and lots of close calls crazy fast and risky driving. I was told never to ride at night, I passed though Tomas and kept  it pinned even though I saw that sun was dropping quick. I came across about 10 miles of construction where they were working on the road so they had made a dirt, rockyy, muddy,  sandy, and narrow road where we all bounced down it while passing cars.

I pulled into town and a cop flipped around and followed me  until he turned back around looking for someone speeding. I was hoping to camp but couldn’t find a place. I stopped at grocery store garabbed tuna, musatard, bread, and one beer.I headed out of town looking for camiping but it was getting dark very quick.;I turned around and saw a motel gated. I pulled in and the owner was a younger dirtbiker who spoke english. He told me had 20 dollar rooms, I asked him about camoing he said I could through a tent up in his driveway.  Before I could say how much, he then offered a 10 dollar beat up room with two beds and hot shower. Took it right away I need a goodnight sleep pretty beat up from riding staight the past 3 days. I will get on my way as soon as I wake to make good head way tomorrow and will be at todo santos for the wedding Thursday afternoon.

Sorry it has been awhile, Day 2

Day 2-
Woke up at 6:15am got out of Green River by 7am. As I was climbing up my first summit I was freezing, couldn’t  feel my neck or hands. Had to stop to grab my  face mask and get some feelings back in hands. Luckly I did stop I had my back pack fall off and was hanging from the bike. Sun came out and was nice and warm until I hit 30miles outside of Saint George and it became ot get grey and cold as shit. Right as I hit snow I stopped at a Rest Area and grab all my clothes and layered up. I felt like the Mechielen Man but was v ery warm. Everyone looked at me crazy as I passed them on the highway. I was making good time I started to get very tired ( I cannot drink Coffee anymore.). I was out of it and needed to stop I went to pull off highway and flew down the VERY SHORT OFF RAMP, my feet were on the highway bar so no gears or brakes. Finally relized it and got my feet down hit the brakes dropped gear too late. So I hit the gas and shot through the stop sign and back up the on ramp. I stopped on the side for a quick rest and then back on the road.
            I made it to Las Vegas and stopped at Ceasar but it sucked so kept going down the road. I headed down the road about 15 miles found a hotel / casino stopped to see how much but was too much stayed for 5 minutes and won 80 bucks off roulette. Free hotel room for the night. I jumped on the bike kicked forward off of the center stand, although I dint relizer that the kickstand was down. So the bike came down onto the kick stand which kicked me to the right, foot sleep and slowly over 30 seconds the bike went down with me fighting it all the way. Luckly a guy saw this and came over and helped me lift the heavy bike bnack up.. I got a hotel another 10 miles down the way right on the border of California and Nevada. I played a few games and some slots ended up going down 80 bucks, then one last bet brought me back to even including free room. Went to be by 9pm exausted.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Good Bye all my friends, will be crossing the border at Tecate in 3 hrs.. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

DAY 1!!!!!!!

Last night a group of very close friends and family met in Blackhawk for a going away party. To say the least we did not sleep much, I got around 4hrs of shut eye. I got a late start with lots of good byes. Ran into some gnarly weather, snow, hail, rain all coming down sideways, the wind was blowing me around a little. My new Gore-tex riding gear worked AWESOME!!!!! Thank you KLIM and SUNSPORTS for the rad gear. Although I found out my old riding boots was shot, after riding with soaken wet frozen feet I swung into a moto shop picked up a pair of waterproof Gaerne boots and a few other parts. I grabbed a quick bite of dinner and rode into the dark trying to kill off a hundred or so miles of straight Utah highway. As I crossed into Utah there was just an incredible feeling of that everything was right and was well worthing selling everything and leaving everyhting beyond to ride into the unknown.
 Have cold so I grabbed a cheap hotel room for the night hot shower and bed. I will wake up early tomorrow and bust a move straight through to LA to see Dale and Tate for the night.