Monday, November 21, 2011


I got all packed up started the bike moved it to the street, loaded her up said good bye to my new friends Deigo and Lulu and left. I made it about 1.5 blocks and she turned off. I messed with it for awhile and could only get her to run with the choke all the way on. I made it slowly into town and went to get coffee and internet. Did some research and also wrote my friend bill from an email. He came over to where I was parked with in 30mins. We messed with it for a bit and came to relize that it wasn't a quick easy fix. So we putted up to his house where I setup a tent in his yard through some pesos to his landlord for letting me stay and stripped my bike. He went to the the beach with his family and we will meet up to take apart the carb around 5ish once it starts to cool down. He has a nice clean Garage with good light to work in. No point to be bummed wouldn't do anby good, so I am going to go for a swim and get a taco and just laugh. There would be must worse places to be stuck in. hahaha Update soon fingers crossed

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