Sunday, November 20, 2011




Woke up ready to leave, walked into town very hot and tried to get internet and coffee. Ordered Coffee and got the interenet Key, the coffee never c ame so I left with out paying just using the internet for 30 minutes.  On the way back I stopped and had these amazing goat tacos that came from a goat stew, fucking epic!!! Great Breakfast!!

I walked back to the camp and started to pack up got everything packed sitting on the ground started taking down the tent. Stopped walked over to my new friends Lulu and Deigo (he rides a ktm 300 rad guy very interest in my trip and generous to help ). Asked them if it would be just as busy today as it will be tomorrow, due to being end of the holiday. They said it would be, but the way I am going should not be a problem. So I quickly changed my mind and resetup my tent and threw my gear into it. Paid for another night and went for a swim.

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