Sunday, November 13, 2011

DAY 3/4

Day 3-

I slept in a little, went out to the bike to try and figure out if I needed to change the jets. After a little while of messing with it and talking to Jason while he looked up a bunch of stuff online for me we decided that the guy I bought it from never chagned it from sea level so I left it.  I went right from there and headed full thottle down the 15 toward LA. I came flying up on traffic all red lights over a hill had my feet on the highway bars and had no time to hit the brakes luckly nobody was in the next two lanes and I was able to swing past all of the traffic and hit the brakes. I got to Dales around 4:30 he got home a little past 5 we changed and headed to pick up Tate. We headed out to dinner to watch the Bears vs. Eagles while Tate did homework and named all of the QBs for each team. It was great to catch up and see them.

Day 4-

I woke up and said goodbye to Tate and Dale at 5am, laid around for about 45 minutes  getting my stuff ready. I ran around Santa Monica getting cash, gas, oil, and a few other nicnacs. I took the 10, to the 405, to the 5, passing through San Diego and stopping at a target about 20 miles before Tecate/ border. I was so nervouse and exciting getting to the border, so so scared but at the same time so ready for this. I came to the border they were checking all of the cars before me and then just waved me through. I stopped and asked where I could get permits and tourist visa. Was told I either had to go to Tiajuana or to Mexicalli. I remembered reading something online saying I could import my bike in La Paz at the ferry and so I hoped I could do everything there.

I  pinned it over to Ensinada which was pretty staright forward lots and lots of stop signs… sixty to zero real quick every 500 metters.. I pulled into Ensenada at around 1:30 lucky I stopped at an Information booth and asked where Money exhange was. Luckly I did because she asked if I had received my travel visa and had my Passport stamped. I told her I had not, she said I lucked out I could get it done right up the road, last place to do it in Baja, (that could have been a real headache).

I went got my passport stamped and a visa as well as found out that I could import bike in at the ferry. I headed out around 2:30 rode hard and found out why everyone says that mexico is a pretty crazy place to drive one the road. Nobody cares if it’s a passing dotted, single solid, double solid line, or a blind turn . They just pass everyone , lots and lots of close calls crazy fast and risky driving. I was told never to ride at night, I passed though Tomas and kept  it pinned even though I saw that sun was dropping quick. I came across about 10 miles of construction where they were working on the road so they had made a dirt, rockyy, muddy,  sandy, and narrow road where we all bounced down it while passing cars.

I pulled into town and a cop flipped around and followed me  until he turned back around looking for someone speeding. I was hoping to camp but couldn’t find a place. I stopped at grocery store garabbed tuna, musatard, bread, and one beer.I headed out of town looking for camiping but it was getting dark very quick.;I turned around and saw a motel gated. I pulled in and the owner was a younger dirtbiker who spoke english. He told me had 20 dollar rooms, I asked him about camoing he said I could through a tent up in his driveway.  Before I could say how much, he then offered a 10 dollar beat up room with two beds and hot shower. Took it right away I need a goodnight sleep pretty beat up from riding staight the past 3 days. I will get on my way as soon as I wake to make good head way tomorrow and will be at todo santos for the wedding Thursday afternoon.

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