Sunday, November 20, 2011

DAY 15-

Day- 15


Woke up around 6:30 and slowly started to get ready. We didn’t get back to the taco joint for breakfast till 9am, and the breakfast was awesome as well, deep friend chips, covered in queso and Feta, scrambled eggs, Beans, and fresh HOT torillas-(Ranchero). We heded out of town like Bandits, fucking flying passing cars as if we were running liter bikes, so much fun and beautiful. From the beach up into a mountain pass and then blasting back onto the beach. So much fun we rode hard and then bam damn ol traffic. (It’s a holiday this weekend so everyones on the coast) We past most until we hit a town and was stuck in hot dead moving traffic, he tried to take us on short cut but ended up bouncing down a sidewalk and slamming into/ over a little wall. We busted back out of town and headed making good time. He jumped around a bus in town which didn’t make the bus driver happy so he swerved trying to swipe him, and then he missed a biker but just a few inches at an intersection. We stopped at a gas staion filled up made plan if we get seperated by traffic we would meet in Sayulita. I got to Sayulita a little behind him and he was no where to be found made a few laps and could not find him. Stopped walked around thought I saw him ran back to the bike jumped on and chased after. Nope nobdy on a bike, went back to the highway got on and started heading toward PV, about 10k down the road wasn’t really feeling it and wanted just to relax no need to push down the coast if I do have to. So I headed back to Sayulita looked some more and gave up got an expensive camp spot (90 pesos) (8 bucks)-again holiday weekend and it was packed. I just ate 2 delicious tacos and will walk back to camp. I hope I will ride again with my friend, very fun to ride with.. Oh well shit happens.

I got an message on that a guy Bill from Steam Boat lives here In sayulita and wanted to meet up if I came through. So I wrote him that I was there and was down to meet up. He told me 9:30 at the center of town under gazabo. I thought I had missed him and waited till about 9:45 and he showed up smiling. We sat and drank two beers each in the center, which he bought for us (very rad). Awesome to talk to another adventure rider who had ridden in Mexico, he gave me a lot of awesome tips and heads up. I learned a lot from him from the police to the food, what to do if pulled over what not, what to eat what not. Was a very friendly guy and very willling and wanting to help. I kinda of cut it short due to having to pee again in 5 minutes from drinking a lot all day.  Got back to my tent by way of awesome prok tacos which was slow cooked like gyros. Then I promptly passed out cold.

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