Wednesday, November 30, 2011


DAY -25


Woke up, went and had some coffee and internet. Walked around for awhile and heded back to the hostel. I ran into my friend/ owner Mark who asked if I wanted to go see his welding friend about my foot peg issue. We headed into Escondido Centro and got off the bikes and walked into an open style garage. Talked to the owner, Marks friend. I decided to say screw it and get both Footpeg bases welding to the fram and centerstand. I am used to seeing people use a torch style welder and lay beads. This guy used some type of electric clamps which held a piece of metal of type and layed a bead on my bike. Very solid, as we were standing there Mark starting telling me a story about the guy welding how he had fallen off a building and landing on a metal pole sticking straight up . The guy pulled up his shirt and had a gnarly scar from his stomach to his ribs. Suppesedly he landed on the metal on his thigh and it went up through his stoamch popped out under his rib cage. One in a million to be alive.. He only charged me 13 bucks to weld my bike, I was happy I never had to deal with it again..knock on wood so gave him a nice tip which he was very surpised by. Rode back to the hostel, made a sandwich and headed back to town to get a rash guard for surfing. Mark is letting me rent a surfboard from him for the week for less then 5 bucks a day compared to all the shops here which is 14 bucks a day.

I grabbed the surfboard and headed up the beach toward the “smaller waves” yeah right!!! After walking 30 minutes up the bach, saw the waves there were sets coming in 6-10+ feet tall. Seth would have been pumped.. I watched a guy who had been caught stealing a tourist bag run from the cops, instead of going into the woods he ran for the WATER..hahaha after 1.5 hours of circling this guy on a jetski they finally got him to the beach arrested him got the bag back and took him away.. I was waiting for Andrea and finally just went for it… Was having no luck just getting dragged out do to the Riptide. I was getting out when I saw my friend Martin from Argentina . We talked for awhile and then he took me out surfing. I tried to catch a few wave and did but got wrecked. I was about to catch another one that Martin was yelling to paddle right as I was dropping in he started yelling no no don’t go! WAIT WHAT!!!! I tried to not catch it and pulled off the wave got dragged a little but did it, but now I am in  bad spot right where the rest of the waves will crash.. I then started paddling hard toward Martin a huge wve was about to crash on me so I did that sweet surfer dive move under the wave… Yeah right it grabbed me sucked me in, dragged me, flipped me around, and held me under felt like ever. I finally got to the surface gasping for air. I finally made it to the beach trying to still breath spitting out salt water. I sat on the beach for a second, Martins sitting on his board waving me back out… OKAY OKAY I can do this. I waited for the perfect timing, ran out jumped on the board and started paddling super fast…(really I am out of shape and am moving about as fast as a sloth). Waves starting heading my wave I get through one, then a second, and then a huge ones on its way. Okay I can do this, push board down and pop up, NOPE got swept again and pounded down the beach finally coming to surface to get pounded again. I crawl ontot he beach and just start laughing. The whole day I have just been smiling and laughing, I got my butt kicked all day but had the time of my life. As I am walking up the beach I saw a few girls from the hostel, one girl looked at me and was like “man looked heavy out there”. I looke at her laughed and said “yeah I suck, but was still fun”. Hooked back up with my friend and headed back to the hostel. Changed and ran to my spanish lesson, don’t know what was harder Spanish or trying to learn to surf in beg waves. Haha

I met back up with Martin for cheap dinner and a few beers, we tried to go out and it was not happening. We went back to the hostel ate a quick Sandi and went to bed I didn’t get out of bed till 9:30 3 hrs later than usual, I was exhausted.

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