Thursday, December 1, 2011

surfing and more spanish..



Woke up, Martin and I was going to surf at 9am.. I didn’t get out of bed till 9:30 I was exhausted, he didn’t get up till almost 11am. I went intot town and drank a little café and messed around on the internet. Went back to the hostel, met up with Martin found out the spot we wanted to go was flat so we headed back to Playa Puenta. We got there it was very small I was very excited, Martin was not impressed. He gave me a bunch of tips and we started to paddle out. I was exhaustewd still from ysterday, but gave it my best shot and wrecked a lot. It started getting big again, where over my head. I headed in found a nice little wave and wash (shallow but okay) Stood up for a sec and was happy. I still got a lot to work on before trying to catch any real wave I come to the conclusion. I need to work on Popping up onto the board in one motion, this is the smallest board I have ever tried to surf and it needs to be one motion not two or else you wreck a lot… haha

We headed back into town and I was exhausted. All day feeling like I should take a nap, but I just kept pushing it. I hadn’t stopped moving and doing things since getting here, we hard ridden very hard and long hrs to get here. I was exhausted and need to lay low, but I have a hard time doing that. So I ran around did errands and my homework, took a shower and headed to Class. Class was AWESOME today, we started to do boring stuff and then she asked me what I wanted to learn. I learned everything on how to meet people, converstations, border crossing stuff, how to converse with authority, slang, bad words, and we just laughed and had a beer and learned spanish for 2 hrs. I LOVE THIS CLASS.. HAHAHA

After class I headed back to the Hostel had a few Pineapple and Rum drinks . We headed out to a Salsa bar that was supposed to be very busy, I had my first shot of Mezcal(not sure of spelling at all) it was coffee flavored one at that. Learned how they make it and that it was from this region.

Basically fermented Agave plant (what tequila is made from)..

Was very tired falling asleep at the bar and then I made my way back to the Hostel. Slept hard for a long long time.

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