Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breath taking

DAY- 51


Today was a straight forward day, ran around packing to leave tomorrow. Went to class, then out to dinner with Sarah from UK.. Super nice girl, who has been on the road for a little over 3 months and another month or so to go. I had the biggest plate of Chicken Nacho’s ever, for only 6 bucks. Today was probably the most low-key day I have had yet on my trip.



Today was EPIC!!! I woke up 7:30am was still very full from dinner so I skipped breakfast and loaded up the bike. I am very stoked to say that I am slowly dropping gear and clothing, on purpose and accidental. I left the backpack that was holding laptop, tools and straps on purpose at the hostel was able to consolidate all my gear into the panniers, Wolfman Waterproof duffle, and Wolfman Tank bag. I got great instructions on how to get out of Antigua and on my way. I was making great time flying into Guatemala City, (no map of the city..Yeah good call Fletch!) haha. Once I got into it I was just guessing, finally stopped and asked a delivery biker. He told me yeah yeah just keep going straight…nope lost again, I asked 5 other people all telling me different directions. I have figured out Guatemala is just like Mexico if people do not know they will still tell you some made up directions.. I was lost for over an hour in Guatemala City, I finally saw a McDonalds and stopped and asked. I pulled out my city map and asked where I was to one guy. All of a sudden I looked up and there was over 10 people around me telling me all different directions, I finally got an average direction to head. I walked outside and another guy came out and started to talk with me trying to help as well. I headed out and made my way finally I found the CA9 heading out of town. It was slammed with traffic so I got into city mode and started splitting cars and trucks making my way out of town.

            The road had a lot of construction or would just turn into single lane highway and you just hoped no big trucks were coming your way, (I would not want to drive a car here but a bike is fun easy to squeeze by people). I got turned around one more time then figured out where my switchback turn was. I stopped to have “lunch” M&M and nuts and put my jacket on, it was starting to get cold. I unstrapped my Flip-flops and jacket, strapped the bike back up and started to make my way. I came up on a Euro plated African Twin; we rode together for only 30km. I passed him at the Tope’s and led for awhile. I was whipping through the turns and came up to a very twisty spot. I ripped through a beautiful left, right, and then out of nowhere a huge 180 right hand. Came in way to hot had to lean as far as I could touching foot pegs, (yeah not the best idea on worn out tires) yuppers there goes the back tire. “You’re an idiot it Power through!!” Kicked the right leg out supermoto style, held strong, and straightened her out, yup all the hair on my back is at attention and I am smiling!

            I came into Coban rode in a small circle saw my exit and dropped down through the market and out toward Lanquin. I took a turn not fast and swear my front tire slipped out… “That was weird I must of hit oil or something”. Couple km’s later my back slipped out, “okay what the hell is going on”. Now it’s raining pretty good roads wet, and it feels like I am on ice!!! I had been warned about the Kenda Tires that I have and when they start to go they can be slick in the rain. But holy $%*%$#$#$%#$, I could go over 30mph in any turn or else both tires would slip out. I finally made it to where the road turned to dirt. Up until the dirt the road even slick had been amazing wrapping around the top of a valley, beautiful lush green valley with mountains everywhere. I used my helmet cam all day..(Figured out that I had wrong Memory card in it and ran out of space very quickly missed a lot of pictures, lesson learned). The dirt road was dirt, rocky, muddy, slick, and AWESOME!!! It was just switchbacks dropping into the valley, was full on breath taking. The KLR just bounded down through it all much happier than being stuck on asphalt all day, I really am starting to fall in love with the KLR. Although she needs a good name, any suggestions?  Everyone on the road was waving and smiling, it was a narrow road but being on a bike I was able to just squeeze by the traffic.. When I say traffic I saw 8 trucks and one bike on the road. I road through Lanquin saw the sign for Zephyr hostel and road down the alley to where it dead ended into a rad straw housing community. When arriving I greeted with a smile and a beer, a well needed beer at that. Right as I got a room I started to unpack and realized yup left my flip-flops on the ground at the gas station, yup gone.

 The hostel sits above a river in the middle of a rainforest with Mountains surrounding it, full on breath taking. So happy a random guy told me to head this way instead of the coast. I will spend New Year’s here looks like it will be a good time. I will go caving tomorrow or the next and waterfall jumping as well.

Internet is slow can't upload pictures, will soon.

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