Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crazy Day- 44




Had a nice breakfast, skyped for a long time with family, and then packed up the bike, I checked out around noon and headed south. The Road was nice and took me a lot faster than I had planned. I was excited because I didn’t get lost at all, was way too easy.  I had heard of a surf lodge down here that you either took a sandy road to or a boat. As I got down to the coast I couldn’t find any signs or markers telling me which way to go. I took a guess headed toward the coast and then started riding a gnarly sandy road out toward the point. One side was the Pacific the other was Salt fields. There were tons of the shallow beds of water everywhere, I watched them work them. They would push all of the water to the corner drain and what was left was a pile of salt which would then be scooped into a bucket.

I rode the road as far as I could until it dead ended into salt fields, it was super sandy on the sides but for the most part if I could stay on the thin center strip of grass it was pretty sturdy. I saw a local and with my very bad Spanish he pointed me toward the lodge, but there was no road just beach. I thought about trying to go for it, gave it throttle and started to sink right as I got off the road. (Too much weight and balding tires) Two guys working came over and pushed me around a structure till I made it back to the road. I drove up to a place where I could pull off the vacant road. I then started to walk down the beach toward the lodge to figure out how I could get there. I didn’t have a good feeling about leaving the bike not locked up so I turned back to lock it up. I locked my back tire and helmet to the center stand. I was dieing in the sun, finally getting there.. Nope the local was wrong not the surf lodge just an expensive resort. I grabbed a Gatorade and headed back. All the way back was worried that someone might have randomly come down the road and took my bike by truck. I started to walk a little faster, after wasting an hour to find out that it wasn’t the lodge I was looking forward to seeing my bike. As I was getting closer I swear I heard a whistle, not someone singing, but more of an alert. Being paranoid I started to walk a lot faster.  I was relieved once I saw that the bike was still there, although as I got closer I realized my helmet was not how I left it. Then I also realized my tank bag was open and hanging off the bike only clipped in by one out of the four clips. I don’t know why they didn’t take it all the way off, I don’t think I scared them off I hadn’t seen anyone in a while. Nothing was missing, but there was nothing valuable in it, just guide book, map, tools, spare levers, bear spray, clear Oakley glasses. They could have stolen all of my bags, duffle, backpack, and tank bag. Weird, but I got over it and started heading back to town, looked and looked for a place to stay. Nothing, finally I found a spot but he wanted 35 bucks, so he helped me out and showed me his friends place but no safe parking. I said thanks but headed out of town, it was getting dark quickly I only had 20 minutes before dark. I made the call and decided to be safe than sorry and headed back for the room. No dinner just popcorn and water, too tired to go into town. I realized how awful I am at Spanish and I think I will head back to Antigua and do 5 days of intense Spanish classes, 4 hours a day. I will decided tomorrow.. but I need to be able to at least converse a little. It is the cheapest in Central America; Antigua would be a nice spot to meet some people, cheap hostels, safe parking, and cheap food.

 Shot taken while riding through the volcanos
 Getting closer to the Pacific, very hot
 Bike loves the coast
 The road
 The road again, Pacific on the right and salt farming on the left.
 Salt farming
 Thats what I saw when I got back my tank bag hanging off and helmet on the ground
 Dinner of the broke

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