Sunday, December 11, 2011

catch up...from Puerto escondido

DAY- 34-36


My parts took longer to get to the shop, so they never got shipped. I decided to roll the dice and head south, I will get thenm shipped down to Ben Loves Hotel in Nica. I will make it with out a hitch or it will trun into one helluva adventure.. haha

 I have truly had an amazing time here in Puerto Escondido, met some amazing people, had an awesome time learning to surf, a lot of fun trying to learn spanish, if the next two years are anything like the past month, this is going to be one amazing adventure. The past few days, I have gone surfing a lot, worked on my spanish, had awesome experiences with rad new friends. We had a late evening surf sesh, surfed until it was dark with the Sunsetting behind us into the waves, walked home in the dark. We had a two nights of international drinking card games with mezcal…enough said…. Mezcal= Mexican Moonshine. Quoted from my friend john.. Mezcal, a fuzzy blanket for your memories… haha

When I went to dinner with my teacher, we had Cerviche. She had made the comment that she could make way better cerviche herself, sure you can. Well she showed up yesterday with a huge bowl of fresh Cerviche she had made, yup way better. It was amazing the difference. She makes it the traditional way, here in Mexico most places cook the fish first. The traditional way is to cut up raw fish add all of your other ingredients and then cover everything in Lime Juice, let sit for 2+hrs then eat. She let it sit over night in the fridge, so amazing.

I will miss my friends here, but cannot wait for the new friends I will be making it. Right now my plan is to cross into Gautemala via the Pacific route and head up to Antigua for a few days and then make up my mind. I will start to beline it toward Ben in Nica or I will slow down head up into belize and East Gautemala, or where ever I hear is awesome.. No rush just living…


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