Wednesday, December 14, 2011


DAY 37-40


I finished up my stay day 37-38, in Puerto Escondido and it was awesome. I had an amazing surf sesh on Monday night it was a lot of fun, small but everything started to click. Mark made amazing Fried Pollo Tacos, right after I slept I passed out cold on the dinner table so tired.. Finally woke up had a coca cola and was good for another hour, then went to sleep by midnight. Woke up early rana few errands, said good bye to a few good friends, went for one last surf with Mark at Playa  La Punta. Ended up meeting up with Quinn from Canada on Tuesday the 13th he was on a 2003 xr 650, we had met in Sayulita. We met up around 1:30ish and started to ride. We rode for about 4hrs and went through a couple of towns that we were told were supposed to be amazing one was and was was pretty horrible…I was not feeling that great all day, but pushed through. So we rode till dusk and made it to Barra De La Cruz. A very relaxed small village where we slept in a cheap Cabana for the night.

We woke up and got a slow start, we rode half the day together. Stopped for lunch and had the worse tacos that I have ever had, to the point I was sure I was going to get sick from them. We split up around 2pm he was headed east and I was headed southwest. Nice guy and nice to ride with, but I sure do enjoy riding solo. I pushed on and made it as close as I would want to sleep near the Border of Gautemala.. I am in a town called Huixtla, I will cross the border tomorrow morning and hopeful making it to or close to Antigua Tomorrow evening. I cannot wait to get into Gautemala, I hope the border crossing is smooth and I get my deposit back that I put down for my Mexican Motorcycle permit…. Pictures soon.. Night time..

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