Thursday, December 22, 2011

DAYS 46-48

DAY 46-
Today I slept in and ate a big delicious breakfast. Walked down to Clay’s Hostel around 10am to meet up with him and run an errand. He was waiting on his license, he was going to go to Honduras for a week to go scuba diving and then drive back to Antigua Guatemala in hope that his license showed up. I told him instead of back tracking and coming back here that I would check in and see every day of his license showed up and pick it up. We were already going to meet up in Nicaragua so I would deliver it there. He had a paper document of it so he could cross borders. We went to the school where his License was getting sent and he gave them permission to give me the letter if it came in. I ran around getting ready for class and ate a deep-fried pepper sandwich of some kind.
I went to class and it was very very full on, very hard and intense a lot going on. Once finishing class my brain hurt a lot so I left the homework on my bed and headed out for a walk. I started to feel weird and off balance, realizing had not had any water all day I got a bottle and a little food and started to feel much better. I went to tell Clay safe and rad travels and I would see him in a week or so in Nicaragua hopefully with his license and I would email if it came in so he didn’t have to back track. I got there and he was very very excited, his license had just shown up so we ended up going out for a couple of beers and dollar pollo Sandwiches.  

DAY 47-
Got up at 7:30, yeah that’s right I’m up ready for the day, going to eat a nice breakfast for free at the hostel and do 4hrs of homework and studying before class. 9am ate breakfast and messed around on the computer no homework or studying (I swear I am not ADHHHHHHD AT ALL!~!!!). Okay put the computer away; go to the café, coffee and study. I actually got my homework done and study a bit, although had way too much coffee. I realize this as I shake down the street toward school. I get through class; I am getting frustrated with myself. In my head I should be able to speak okay Spanish in less than a week.. Yeah not a chance takes months to get this langue, especially for my second language. Def should have taken more time with Rosetta stone, lesson learned you GRINGO.  Yeah let’s ride from Colorado to South America without even being able to order a beer in Spanish.. That’s not important… Good call Fletch…haha you’re a dang ol Thinker
Alright let’s go get dinner and a beer. I head back to the same street vendor lady I go to every night (she hasn’t got me sick and I am full for 2 bucks, no brainer).  Then go to this cool Café for a beer and internet. Drop my computer off at Hostel and meet up with Natali from my hostel for a beer and open mic night (no I didn’t sing or say poetry) nice girl from Norway.  Went home Skyped for a while with Sarah and Homie Dog and past out.

DAY 48
I slept in until 8:30, had a nice big breakfast. Alright let’s study…….nope.. Damn it Fletch you’re not going to learn you need to study.. okay okay… Wanna go for a walk and find an Orphanage too go to and bring presents to on Christmas? YUP!!! Hahaha okay okay I will study later. I walked around for a while, couldn’t find the Orphanage but I will. I want to bring soccer balls, dolls, and coloring books there on Christmas if I am still here.
I went to school and did well until the end started getting frustrated but played through and learned a lot. I have to be Patient with myself and study!!!! I got done and needed a beer bad today, so I grabbed a Pollo Sandwich from my new street food friend and headed to happy hour at my new favorite Café. I started to do some work and research for my next stage of the trip, but started talking to Phil from Canada who lives in Guatemala for 6 months and Canada the other six months. His girlfriend of 5+ years lives and works here. Very nice guy, kept buying me beers and wanting to hear my stories and telling me his. Now I sit writing to you, good day my friend I will talk with you tomorrow. PS I am real fast and just figured out my spell  check has not been on,… oooops my bad…

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