Saturday, December 3, 2011

DAY 27-28

DAY 27-


Had a hard time getting out of bed today, felt like crud all day. Did not go surfing or anything, just drank a lot of water and gatorade.. I have to get better at drinking water, I don’t and then I get dehydrated and feel like crud all day long. Today was a very mellow day. I got to class and again it was hilarious we just learned and laughed all class. If my college classes were this fun I probably would of graduated.. haha. I went back to the hostel skipped dinner and just passed out by 9pm.

Day 28-


Woke up refreshed and ready for a great day. I ran around in the Centro all day looking for a vocab book, but cannot find it anywhere. I saw Andrea for a little while and then headed back into town. I met up with Lious and Mark and went surfing with them for awhile. Didn’t have much luck again, although not as big just a lot of people. It was still a blast and a good work out. Did my spanish homework, played some pool and got a little dinner made. I headed up to class, stoppe dat the store to pick up some beer for us and went to class. Today was probably one of the funniest classes I have ever been envolved in, we just joked around and learned spanish for almost three hours. I was headed back to the hostel when I ran into my friend Martin from Argentina. He had just gotten back from a little surf trip down south and was headed into town, so I turned around and followed. I all of a sudden ran into three guys on motorcycles, I knew I knew one of the bikes it was a fellow I head met in Baja, one of the other guys was Patrick who I have been trying to meet up with for the whole trip. We talked for a while I showed them the hostel but they were looking for something more up scaled. I think they will be leaving today, must of the guys I have been running into are all about riding riding riding. I personally like to stop, meet people, and experience first hand where I am. Each to our own adventures. But I am truly having the time of my life, so many great new friends and experiences.
I was starting to second guess why I was staying here so long and waiting for tires. Then I asked my self what I was rushing off to, I have no timeline. I just laughed looked at the views, smiled, and drank a beer.

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