Sunday, November 13, 2011


I had one day till the wedding 890K to make it to the wedding, go time.

Day 6-

Got a lttle bit of a late start due to waiting for a moto shop to open so I could get a new tube, finally did (expensive!!!)  I road hard all day holding at about 80-85mph unfourtantly I have one deadline for the next two years and that’s to be in Todo Santos on Friday for a wedding. I road for about 9.5hrs stopping for gas, lunch, and a quick stretch/ Pics. I passed through Cludad Insurgants around 4:10pm Kept going watching the sun dropping, once I made it to Cludad Consitucion at 4:40pm I had a choice to make. Do I sleep there or keep heading south and hope what I read about hotel at Santa Rita. I chose the wrong one, I kept going and to my dismay no hotel there or in the next couple of towns. I had 90k to make it and it was getting to be dusk. 30 minutes into the ride it was dark I jumped behind two cars and follow them the rest of the way to La Paz. I made it with out any problems other than swearing at myself for pushing it and getting caught in the dark again this time my fault no excuses. I got into town went to first hotle… full!! Second they had room but was kind of expense, after a little haggling I got him down to enough I could afford with free secure parking and internet. Nice cheap taco and beer place around the corner. I will wake up early tomorrow and make my way to Todo Santos for the wedding.. haha pushing it close buit if all goes well I will be with great friends and beaches tomorrow.

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