Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DAY 23-24

DAY 24-


Woke up today with a mission find a nice cheap place to learn spanish for a week or so. Nope $170-$220 for five days….I was bumbed I really didn’t want to spend that much, because I new there were full week classes, sleeping and they feed you for $100 a week in Guatemala. I was talking to Andria and of course she new someone who taught at one of the schools I looked at but would do it out of her house for cheaper. So after we talked for a while we decided on $80 bucks a week for 2hours a night, I start tomorrow. Andrea and I rode around town on my bike she was showing me all the spots, and we found a surf board I could use or one I ould rent right on the beach. I am meeting her and Kia tomorrow to go surfing around 4pm then onto spanish classes.

Went out for beer with an Argentina fellow who had nothing but awesome advice of where to go and what to do while in South America.

DAY 23-


We woke up, I was planning on going to Andria’s house tonight to sleep and stay but the hostel has been nice to meet new people and is cheap ($6) a night.. I  then finally got in contact with Andria and she road down on her moped with her son Kia. I sorry that sweet house and they showed me around to one of the surf breaks answered a bunch of questions. David had changed to a nicer hotel, so I got back to the hostel and was just chilling for awhile. All of a sudden I thought I heard my name “no”, then again “naw”, and then the Hostel owner Mark was like Fletch you have friends. I turned around and it was my Belguim Friends in there 4x4 van, I met them a week or two ago. They are driving from AK to South America, we started talking and what do you know they had just ran into my riding friend from Poland he was here who I had lost in Sayulita. I jumped into their van and we went and found him. HAHAHA.. That night we met up with a group of us for dinner, 7 guys riding motorcycles and a couple driving a van all heading toward South or Central America.  I met a really cool group of friends Yullia from Germany, two really rad guys from Israel and a very nice Girl from Norway.. We had a few beers and play Janga.

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  1. Hey Fletch,

    I hope we keep bumping into each other! We made it to San Cristobal and tomorrow we're off to Palenque. Around the 10th we'll be crossing to Guatemala.

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