Saturday, November 5, 2011

DAY 1!!!!!!!

Last night a group of very close friends and family met in Blackhawk for a going away party. To say the least we did not sleep much, I got around 4hrs of shut eye. I got a late start with lots of good byes. Ran into some gnarly weather, snow, hail, rain all coming down sideways, the wind was blowing me around a little. My new Gore-tex riding gear worked AWESOME!!!!! Thank you KLIM and SUNSPORTS for the rad gear. Although I found out my old riding boots was shot, after riding with soaken wet frozen feet I swung into a moto shop picked up a pair of waterproof Gaerne boots and a few other parts. I grabbed a quick bite of dinner and rode into the dark trying to kill off a hundred or so miles of straight Utah highway. As I crossed into Utah there was just an incredible feeling of that everything was right and was well worthing selling everything and leaving everyhting beyond to ride into the unknown.
 Have cold so I grabbed a cheap hotel room for the night hot shower and bed. I will wake up early tomorrow and bust a move straight through to LA to see Dale and Tate for the night.

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