Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heading South again!!!



Was pretty slow getting going this morning, Finally got out of there around 9ish As we were leaving the hostel we had to get our bikes from the back which meant we had to drop down this little dirt alley to the main road. I got out last and headed down the dirt and a fucking Jeep started heading up not stopping so I started sliding right toward her last second hit the gas and peel around her stil don’t know how my bags didn’t swipe the side of her car. We headed toward PV and I returned some stuff too Auto Zone. Half way through town my foot peg gave and swung down only on one bolt. I rode like that through PV got to the other side stopped at a gasstation and asked a cop where a hardware store was. We were litteraly right next it, so the old one had stripped out bad. So the plan was to grab a standard size one and rethread it into it. No luck small one was just a little to small and the larger one was too big. I was going to need a bead put on it or…….. I grabbed the smaller one and shoved it in then wrapped the fucker in duck tape so now It acts like a safety pin. I will get it welded when I get to andreas house. We swept up the road going from beach up into the mountains had lunch which was goat stew (awesome). David is a fast fun guy to ride with. I thought I was going to run out of gas which was fine have reserve then I have more reserve. Bike did great getting over 40mpg. We pulled into Barra De Navidad and decided to get a room and wake up early. We went split a 26 dollar room and headed in to town for beer and food. It was okay nothing special. Skyped and phoned a lot of people. Now we wake up 630 and ride…

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