Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DAY 12

Lots of goodbyes yesterday to Dan and friends. Last night just hungout with Jason for the last time in a year or so. I will def miss that man, a very close friend. I then said goodbye today after changing the oil filter. I then drove back out to Mary's house to get my camera which I left. I got on the highway and headed toward La Plaz. I was heading out and had to get through a Military Check Point, they were waving everyone through. I stopped at the gaurd, he asked if I was an American I said yes and he told me I had to pull over and get checked.. hahaha. I did and the next guy asked me what I head in my left Mannier I told him clothes and camping gear, he waved me through.

I was heading into La plaz from Todo Santos, about 10k from town on the highway. All of a sudden I hear Fletch! Hey Fletch! I look to my right and there is Bret a friend from seattle who I met down here on his dirtbikes. We pulled over he was on his way to get his wife who flew in. His buddy who had driven down with him had broken his ribs and had to fly home. He was able to give me a quart of oil for my bike and wouldn't take any money, which was awesome of him. Then we went on our way. I recieved my first gas dontaion today on Paypal which was awesome and amazing.
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lots and lots of new pictures!!!!

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