Sunday, November 27, 2011


DAY 20-

11/24/2011 TURKEY DAY

We had been warned that we were heading into sketchy area, Slept outside of the first sketchy town. Woke up early this morning and started crushing some miles. We had to pass around one city and the toll road was 109 peso’s 9 bucks!!!! The road was amazing super twisty for miles and miles like over 150miles of twisties hard sharp fast twisties.  We rode around 400ish miles. We saw some of the most amazing sights. There were many animals in the roads, roosters, lizards (big), Dead Bull , dogs (dead and alive), and lots and lots of Butterflies. We stopped and ate a pretty big flavorless lunch/ breakfast. Then just kept crushing miles trying to get through, although we didn’t feel it to be sketchy or bad, just beatiful and peaceful. LOTS AND LOTS OF SPEEDBUMPS!! I went flying then skidding through a military check point they were not impressed, hahaha. We were holding around 75mph slowed down real quiick when we came upon construction road was on it for a while then finally it opened up to a nice road we started going again then every bridge had super big lips on the and off the bridge so you were gapping onto then and dropping off of them. I was following David when we came onto another long bridge we were moving pretty quickly, then with out warning the road/ bridge just dropped off we gapped down a few feet landed onto a small dirt hill then the road had collapsed on either side down into a pretty deep gully other hten than lane that shot across we barely made it onto it and luckly no cars coming or else it would have been all bad. We each almost got hit a couple of times by cars, they don’t really look for motorcycles or cars for the matter they just hit the gas and go. They pass a lot on blind hills and turns, very scary to come around a blind turn or hill and there is a car in ur lane heading your way. We finally made it to our destination last Night Z------ outside of Acopoco and slept for the night. We hiked around got lost and then a 8 year old took us down the street to find delicous tacos we were so hungry and they were so good we each had 9 little tacos for our thanksgiving dinner with rice milk. We then made it back to our hotel and skyped our families to say HAPPY TURKEY DAY…

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