Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sorry it has been awhile, Day 2

Day 2-
Woke up at 6:15am got out of Green River by 7am. As I was climbing up my first summit I was freezing, couldn’t  feel my neck or hands. Had to stop to grab my  face mask and get some feelings back in hands. Luckly I did stop I had my back pack fall off and was hanging from the bike. Sun came out and was nice and warm until I hit 30miles outside of Saint George and it became ot get grey and cold as shit. Right as I hit snow I stopped at a Rest Area and grab all my clothes and layered up. I felt like the Mechielen Man but was v ery warm. Everyone looked at me crazy as I passed them on the highway. I was making good time I started to get very tired ( I cannot drink Coffee anymore.). I was out of it and needed to stop I went to pull off highway and flew down the VERY SHORT OFF RAMP, my feet were on the highway bar so no gears or brakes. Finally relized it and got my feet down hit the brakes dropped gear too late. So I hit the gas and shot through the stop sign and back up the on ramp. I stopped on the side for a quick rest and then back on the road.
            I made it to Las Vegas and stopped at Ceasar but it sucked so kept going down the road. I headed down the road about 15 miles found a hotel / casino stopped to see how much but was too much stayed for 5 minutes and won 80 bucks off roulette. Free hotel room for the night. I jumped on the bike kicked forward off of the center stand, although I dint relizer that the kickstand was down. So the bike came down onto the kick stand which kicked me to the right, foot sleep and slowly over 30 seconds the bike went down with me fighting it all the way. Luckly a guy saw this and came over and helped me lift the heavy bike bnack up.. I got a hotel another 10 miles down the way right on the border of California and Nevada. I played a few games and some slots ended up going down 80 bucks, then one last bet brought me back to even including free room. Went to be by 9pm exausted.

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