Sunday, November 20, 2011

DAY 14-



Was all over the place last night trying to get comfy while sleeping in a movie theater type chair, finally ended up on the ground which worked great and saved me 50bucks. I was up around 5:30 watched the sunrise on the ocean with no land mass in view, just a couple of Sailboats. We had parked the bikes on the bottom level so we were the last to go to the lower decks ot move our bikes/ cars other than truckers. We finally got to go to our bikes I was praying mine didn’t fall over or else it would of smashed into the side of a Mustang hahaha. I packed up my bike as quickly as I could trying to get out of there before headache began from everyones exhaust just running waiting in line to get up ramp and out of boat. I got myself out relatively quickly and waited for my new friend (still can’t remember his name poland.

 We headed right out of town , it was getting to be a hot day we didn’t really start riding away from ferry till almost noon.  We stopped a couple of times for water, more then I usually do but it was nice to ride with someone else. He rode like a racer in and out of cars passing fast and constantly which I enjoy so we chased each other down the Pacific coast taking the 15 not toll road. We arrived at San Blas around 4 and very hungery and thirsty. We tried to ask a couple of people where to eat and all locals kept sending us to McDonalds.. no thanks. We finally chose a place to eat which turned out to be AWESOME!! I ate a lot, I had a Marlin Burrito, and three Carneasada Tacos and washed it down with two beers. It was 100 pesos each with tip, 8 bucks and I was full for the night. We headed toward Stoners Surf Camp, $4 camping, we hung out with 3 German kids, one Mexican guy who was working, and two Mexican Girls . We ended up drinking a lot of beers, the table was covered in empties and my flask was out of Tequila so I went to bed.

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