Sunday, November 27, 2011

Made it to Puerto Escondido!!

DAY 22-


We woke up this morning could not find a bank, David loaned me 500 pesos for the day. We got gas and started laying tracks hard. We were nailing the turns all day throwing down, chasing each other, past a couple of cops who could careless. We went through a military check point, at first he was waving us to pull over, when neither one of us did he just waved us on. We got lost pretty quick in one town you can’t trust any of the road signs. We have been on mexico 200 but every sign that points off of it to a different town is Mexico 200 too. We followed one sign to Puerto Escondido instead of going to Centro and ended up on a dirt gnarly road that dead ended. I busted out the GPS and got us on the right road again. We hit so many Speed bumps over  200 hundred easly today. Right before lunch I was following David and he hit one no signs going 70mph wamwam… We stopped and a nice lady made us lunch four awesome tacos and a coke each, 69 pesos for both of us!! We started going and again lots of speed bumps, finally started to clear up straight clean road. All of a sudden “crap!” speed bump in the shade to late pin it!!! Wamwam 70mph that hurt, sorry bike.  We cruised pretty fast dropping KM’s  all the way. We got to Puerto Escondido very quickly pulled into the main beach area, pulled back out onto the road to many people not that awesome. We headed out oftown by 1 km, dropped back into another beach where the waves were huge and pumping. We rode through the town stopped to figure out where to stay, we were right in front of a cool hostel. Yup that will work 80 pesos a night I am in. We are hanging out here for the night and I wil meet up with Andrea and kye Tomorrow and stay with them. I needed cash and Internet so we jumped on the bikes and headed into town I was leading we came upon a transit cop ( I have been told not to look at them and just plain dumb gringo and ride by). Well he shot his wistle at me I thought he wanted me to pull over for speeding so I just kept going straight he was waving at me and walking toward me I just kept going. David got stuck with him in the road I thought for sure he just got a ticket and had to pay him off, I waited and waited nothing so I went to the bank. David pulled up right as I parked, Ticket? Nope he just wanted us to go out another exit… oooops.. haha no harm no foul.  We then went out to dinner, I am on a tight budget Davids not. I was looking for cheap tacos, He finally was like lets go get grilled whole snapper, my treat it has been a blast riding with you the past couple of days… I fought it for a while, wasn’t going to win okay…It was an awesome dinner they just grab a fesh snapper throw it on the grill and send it out with Potatoes, salsa, and Tortilla’s. Thanks again David!!! Went back to the hostel had a few beers and played pool. Really cool hostel Mark and Louis started it about a year ago, they are both from Mexico City, Mark lived in Italy for 6 years.
I will be taking Spanish classes here for the next week or so..

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