Sunday, November 20, 2011

DAY 13- FERRY!!!!!

 I woke up talked with a nice English girl for awhile about our trips we were on. I moved my bike to the front entrance and packed her up. I got directions and headed to the ferry port early around 9:30 (my ferry wasn’t until 6pm but I had lot to do). I got there and got my Permit for my bike with little trouble had to get extra copies made and then $444.00 later I was done, although $400 was a deposit that I will get back when I leave Mexico with the Bike intact.  I met two other bikers one from England on a 1200GS BMW and a lady from Austalia on a KTM 640 enduro. Very nice, they both were doing there own spin of a RTW on there bikes in for the long haul. He had flown in and headed to AK then zigzagged through Canada and then finished by hitting every state in the US. Very nice people. After I had received my ticket and permit (ticket was 1700 peso- for bike and myself), I headed back to La Plaz. I headed through Centro and got lost found a Yamaha shop looking for Chain Lube. They were out but did have oil so I grabbed another quart, the mechanic tried to give me instructions to shop for lube but to no good. So he gave up grabbed his helmet and with a smile on his face went for a spin and showed me first hand where the shop was. It was out we just laughed and tried the next, they were out too. After they were done making fun of me for riding an Ugly KLR, he got his mechanic to give me a bottle and let me spray my chain for free. My new friend who had shown me the way headed out. 

I headed back toward the Center after getting lost for a second I figured it out with help of gas and directions. I parked my bike and headed toward my new favorite taco stand for a coke and 4 fish/ shrimp tacos for 5 bucks. After this I went and sat on a stage near the street people watched and relaxed in the shade. I then headed down the street stopped in a popular Icecream shack and had a delicious banana Ice Cream cone. Headed back to the bike jumped on and headed out of town back toward the ferry. I stopped about 100 yards from the entrance of the check point to get out my ticket and permit. I did it again… had the bike on center stand and left the kick stand down, so when the bike came off the center stand it hit the kick stand and wooops there I go. The bike was to heavy for my right leg and I slowly let it down to the ground. I tried to pick it up three times (I could of if I had no choice but it would of hurt a lot!!). Instead I looked up at a guy who was watching me and hitch hiking, looked at him as he stared and waved his ass over to help me out. With a little fight we were able to wrestle the bike up . I crossed the permit check point with ease. I stopped and started talking to a very nice guy who was new a little english. We talked for a while then moved over to the shade. He had 6 kids and lived in Mexico City and once a month made runs over to Baja taking packages from Mexico City to Baja. He then let me follow him over to the line up where we hung out and waited till we were called to load. After he left I was hanging out with funny Mexicans who didn’t speak English and my shitty Spanish we spoke with our hands and actions very funny. Right before I loaded up a guy riding a 08 KLR650 rolled up and was like your from Colorado me too. Well then I realized he saw my Colorado sticker from the front.

Nice guy we hung out for another 5 mins before we were waved onto the boat, we went down a few levels and found a nice place to park. He new the deal setup the right way and strapped his bike down. I was sent to the  wrong place and didn’t have a great place to strap it down and was on bad angle. So I just found a pole leaned it against ans strapped it to the pole then strapped it to the floor.. (Fingers crossed hope it makes it the night or else it will be in the side of a Mustang). We were tieing the bikes up when all of a sudden he walked over in a daze and blood was flowing from his head. He had smashed his head on the the stairs tieing his bike down. He was fine but was bleeding pretty good. That’s when I found that Nazil spray slows the bleeding  quickly. I found a safe seat to keep all my crap in, he joined after shower. We had a bunch of beer and a free dinner (included). Talked a lot about where our planned routes were, and how this trip hadn’t seemed real up until now. He is a lawyer and Motorcycle racer from Denver. Good night now!!!.

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