Sunday, November 27, 2011


Day 21-


Today we woke up and got riding very quickly, we wanted to get to and through Acopoco by 2pm. We started laying tracks as David says,  we were whipping through the turns and straight aways.. I did it again I blasted past cops all day but nobody cared. We just rode hard today head down and ripped. We were on the road David rode up asking if I wanted to stop, yup rubbed the belly wanted food. He pointed backwards which I didn’t see and I pointed forward and pinned it. We found a little town 5mins away, pulled in. Found a place to eat and just ordered whatever they were serving, which was Pollo (chicken leg) with a deep brown spicy sauce, rice, tortillas, and veggies. Perfect we hung out ate and relaxed. We got on the road again, making miles pulling into Acopoco I new it was going to be busy and stressful. I hate cities and traffic and it was both to the max. THANK YOU JASON VERNON!!! Davids GPS was no good in cities wrong maps, the GPS Jason gave me for my Bday was the best!! There were no signs at all just followed the GPS through a sea of Blue and White VW Bugs. Walking speed traffic up hill, bikes are getting hot, were just dripping in sweat, and constantly getting cut off or pushed to the side. Finally we started getting out of traffic and then every 10 meters there were huge speed bumps, if we hit  one we hit three hundred of them today. We finally got back in the open space no traffic flying, and I come up on a bus. I am stuck behind it for 5 mins finally see some room to make a pass as I pull out the bus does a Nascar move and slams the bus into the left lane right out in front of me cutting me off almost taking out my front tire, like with in a half an inch or less. Then he did his pass and I was able to pass him and the slower truck in front of him.I know every single person in that bus smashed their heades when he swung out… hahaha..  Today was the first day I finally felt comfortable on the bike me and the bike were flying all day slaying the turns hard. We found an okay town to stop and stay at. Hotel was kind of expesive for such a crap hole. Beds were foam on top of cement slabs, no hot water, shower drain didn’t work just flooded the bathroom, but still was only $12 each. We went in search of food, and found my favorite. Looks like Gyro meat spinning on open flame and they just cut a little bit off at a time with a bit of Pineapple, called Taco Pastor- AWESOME!!! We both had 10 small tacos each and two beers for 5 bucks each!! So awesome!!!!

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