Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years and Beyond

DAY 57
(My days are correct now.. It looks like I never wrote about day 49 12/23/2011)

I will start off by telling the truth….I brought in the New Year by shooting myself in the face with a Guatemalan Firework, well done Fletch..Well Done..

Last day of the year, a year with huge choices made and I am smiling hugging my bike. Woke up today and was a wreck, extremely dehydrated feeling awful. I drank 4 Gatorades and had a few supplements and started to feel much much better. Had a very mellow day, took a nice nap in a hammock in the rainforest.
The night started off with a few drinks and a lot of card games, we were all waiting to have a huge family meal together. Around 8pm we ate dinner, we had a huge spread of awesome food; grilled chicken, egg salad, three different types of Salads, garlic bread, slaw, ECT. lots and lots of food. I hungout meeting new people and just having a blast. We got into teams and had a trivia game, after the trivia part there was bonus rounds. The first was we had to take a frozen shirt that was in an ice ball and somehow open it and put it on, first one wins. I nominated myself to do it. I grabbed it and ran for the fire, no real luck so I just started swinging it like a mad man at a brick wall and slowly but surely ice and concrete was flying everywhere. I was about to pull it apart and squeeze it onto my thin frame just in time to take the win. Next Bonus was how many clips could your teammates clip onto you face, this time my team nominated me for this due to my beard; and once again we won. We were in a three way tie, the tie breaker was a beer shot gunning race. A Dutch guy on our team said he could win, I have never seen someone drink so faced in my life and it wasn’t my teammate. The winner was a Canadian Girl who literally drank the beer and crushed the can in lass the 3 seconds it was ridiculous... we lost but was a heck of a 3hr game.
Alright alright almost midnight time to shoot fireworks off... what you need help, I’ll help I am awesome at shooting off fireworks. Starting to rain so let’s go quick.. Count down HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! They had huge square boxes that you lit and tons of small mortars would shoot way up and exploded into an amazing show. The wick was very small and right as I lit it..BANG. No time to react.. WHAM.. Right in the face.. Oh @#$% me and then the rest shot up nicely into the sky.. Okay you still have you eyes and you’re not bleeding.. haha You’re an Idiot lesson learned.. NO MORE TRUSTING OR PLAYING WITH CENTRAL AMERICAN FIREWORKS! Haha Way to start of the year…. We stayed up for a few more hours then headed to bed.

DAY 58-
Rough morning waking up, everyone slept in and was feeling pretty bad. I took a nap and hung out before we went tubing again. It rained almost the whole time and was a blast. I did a lot of planning all day, trying to figure out which route I will take tomorrow on my way to Nicaragua. We had a mellow night playing a card game called spoons.

DAY 59-
Woke up today feeling off, I have not felt great for over a week now, don’t know what is wrong just feel off and sluggish every day. Said a lot of goodbyes and packed up the bike. Checked out, I had not gone over budget so that was good to see. It rained all night and was still dumping sheets of rain while I packed up the bike. I got on the good old bike in the rain and headed out. The road did not feel like the same road I had come in on a lot more smoother thanks to the mud I think. I have to apologize to Kenda for hating on them before. I found out there is something on the 60km stretch of road from Coban to Lanquin that when it gets wet some oil comes out and makes it as slick as ice. With that said I rode very careful today on that stretch with no problems. I made pretty good time considering I rode for over 4hrs in the pouring rain, and then it got sunny for the last 3hrs of riding. One point today I was ripping through the turns and came up on a few cars made my way through pretty well, then all of a sudden huge car eating potholes started to appear I mean over 2+feet deep and huge. I went to pass a car, so I was close to them and could see what was coming and out of nowhere…WHAM!!! I crushed my bike on a huge pothole; I rode for awhile before I pulled over to check my tires and rims. I was praying that I hadn’t just tweaked or bent my front rim, I hit hard like really hard. When I started to slow down to pull into the gas station my bike felt a little funny. I checked the front, yup there was a small tweak to it not bad barely visible. I got gas and headed down the road, the bike wasn’t acting right okay let check again. This time I caught the tweak on the front, but then looked closer and yup I got the back one as well real dang ol good too... Crap I don’t know how I am going to fix this one, they ride fine but they are now weaker and I don’t need that. I made it to the Guatemalan, Honduras, and El Salvador border today. I got a nicer hotel due to I am in a kind of sketchy city and they offered really nice safe parking. This place is too nice and fancy for me, but still only 20 bucks small splurge. I will cross into El Salvador tomorrow head to the coast, Playa San Diego. Then cross through Honduras the next day or day after need to do laundry, I will cross Honduras in one day and get into Nicaragua quickly.

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