Sunday, January 22, 2012

Costa riding with Clay DAY-77



Woke up to a nice home cooked breakfast, talked to one of the workers and found out that there was a moto shop into and I may not need to go into San Jose. We walked down to the shop to see if they had any tires that would fit my bike. Yup a set of Pirelli for $150 for the set and 12bucks to slap them on. I walked back to our place and grabbed my bike and dropped it off with brake pads for them to change while they have the tires off. Clay wanted to get rid of his crappy Panniers that kept breaking and exploding all of his gear everywhere every time he hit a bump. I remembered the Wolfman soft bag setup and we went in search of drybags. We asked at the front desk of our place and she had someone drop them off within 30 minutes a little big but only had size large so he took them. We then took our Leatherman’s and cut the boxes off leaving one side as a heat shield. Using bungees and a tie down he now has bomb proof soft, water proof, rugged, panniers. I walked back to the shop to find my bike ready to go with sexy tires, although they did not change my brake pads!?!?! I needed them changed BAD!! With bad Spanish I figured out that they could not get the front pads off and was trying to tell me to by a whole new caliper. I said I would ride like this till Panama and then figure it out with a few down days in Panama City figuring out our boat situation. He just told me Poco brakes poco brakes, use my front brakes very little.. Yeah that makes you comfy.

 We load up and headed on our way, yup Clay hope you ready for Fletch’s voodoo because we are lost and missed the turn off somewhere.. hahaha After a little driving back and forth we are on the right road and heading south toward the coast and Panama. It was nice to ride with someone again, we came over a bridge and tons of people had parked and were looking at something. So we parked and headed back up the bridge, there were gators everywhere. It was a nice break to get off the bikes, walk around, and check out gators. We pulled into Jaco and on the weekend it def made me think of Myrtle Beach, everyone was there to party and go to the beach. Every hotel and hostel was full. We finally found one after 30+ minutes of driving around. We made dinner drank a few beers and then we both worked on the internet while getting eaten alive!!! Tons and tons of mosquitoes. Went to sleep around midnight. It is just getting hotter and hotter as we ride south, I may pass out wearing my helmet.. hahaha

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