Friday, January 27, 2012


DAY -79/80


Woke up to the sound of crashing waves 5ft from my tent door, such a peaceful way to wake up. Had a cruddy instant coffee, but caffeine still does the trick no matter how it taste. We then walked to town to find internet, not realizing our campground had wifi (slow took ages, but none the less they had it). It is ridiculously hot here; we died all the way into town maybe about a mile haha. Found internet about half mile out of town then walked back to the market and bought lunch. We got back to the campsite had beer and tuna fish sandwich, and then just relaxed for a few hours. I am trying to figure out a ridiculous dentist bill I received so I needed to get back online, and by the time I asked if I could sue wifi was told no turned off for the day. We grabbed our computers in search of wifi, no luck but did buy Beans and Rice for dinner. This was the smallest market you have ever seen, all they had was pasta or rice, they were out of soda and beer the second time we went back. Nothing on the shelves but dust. We saw a scorpion walking near our tent, Clay was not stoked to say the least, then we found out Tarantulas by the bathroom, and crocs in the river hahahaha. We headed over the river to a hostel for beer and met a couple new friends. We ended up at a bonfire on the beach for a few and then headed back to the tent not sure if we were leaving in the morning.

            We did not leave, both woke up with them same thought “lets stay one more night pack up early the next day and make it to Panama City and sort out our boat situation. We had a relaxed day of hiking over to a beach cafĂ©, play soccer (football), swimming, reading, and just plain old fashion relaxing. We had chorizo, rice and beans for dinner. A guy rode up today on a brand new 2012 KLR with 1000 miles. First off the guy was a little looney and reminded me dead on of the guy who wanted his stapler back in “Office Space” Mert I think his name was. Supposedly he had ordered and bought the bike in Panama but now because he has it registered here and doesn’t live here they won’t let him take it out of the country. The reason he bought it here instead of in Canada and ride it down was because he refuses to ride through Mexico more than one….?? So now he is stuck here trying to figure out what he will do.



Had a gnarly night sleep, never sweated so much while trying to fall asleep, this place is HOT!!!! We woke up early and made coffee and started to pack up the bikes. We dropped off the deep sand onto the beach and rode back to the River crossed it and headed back toward the center of Panama near Santiago. From there we headed toward Panama, I have never seen so many cops on the road. They were everywhere with Radar guns just giving tickets out left and right. There were cops cars, bikes, and just people standing on the highway and if they wave you down you are supposed to stop and get a ticket (no thanks). Like out never got pulled over, we rode hard but smart today. Lots of Pan-American Highway today, my back and neck are not stoked.. Too much sitting not enough moving around.

We stopped at a gas station talked to two local gentlemen on bikes and they were from Panama. Every year they do some type of Central American tour, yesterday their other riding partner hit a cow, wrecked his bike, and broke his arm) he is still in the hospital. We got correct directions from them to get to the Kawasaki Dealership and Hostels. We somehow, still don’t know how we did it but ended up at the wrong bridge. Not too big of a deal very tired but we searched around no, no luck too expensive.  We then decided to head into the old town, when we asked a local if it was safe he said 50-50, haha oh well lets go for it still day time. We rolled into the most sketchiest place I have been on this whole trip, defiantly the projects where there were tons of apartment buildings stuffed with people falling down in pieces. We made it to this one street where it was taxi graveyard, and Clay was leading, Clay went to stop to figure out where we were when I heard two guys yelling at him. I looked at him as if was crazy for trying to stop here to figure out where we were, I slammed the gas and blasted past him down into the ghetto. He followed after me and I was able to find the fancy neighborhood where the hostels were supposed to be.  Today was by far the hottest day I have ever ridden in, the humidity is crazy. My bike was ready to overheat once we made it to the hostel, my body was soaked in sweat, and my mind was exhausted.

The first one was full, the second one was full except it had on dorm bed left and if we wanted to wait to see if a reservation showed up we might score a double private room for the same cost for a dorm bed $11 each. The second one had two DR 650 sitting out front of it we met one of the owners he was from BC, Canada named Nick. We waited till 5:30 asked again and he gave us the room, nobody had shown up to claim the room. We threw all of our stuff in there realized it was a single bed, but did not care we wanted something where we could lay our stuff out and go through it. We went out to dinner with Nick and found out that there is a crew of bikers 18 of them heading to Columbia on the 31st, they are full but I still emailed just in case they have no shows.

We sat in the lobby working on the internet looking for boats or a plan. Met another Dr guy from New Zealand, it was a rad night trading stories with everyone. One guy had taken 7months from Oregon to Panama, another took 5months, I took 3months, and clay had taken 2.5 months. Pretty amazing considering I thought I was taking my time.

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