Sunday, January 15, 2012




Look for tire day!!

Woke up ran around town found one of the only motoshops I could find. They had oil, tube, and a rear tire my size. After a little Bargaining I left paying less than 80 bucks for everything... not bad considering where I am... Although I think I will wait as long as I can to put on the new back tire, I bought it more as a backup/ just in case tire. It is a CST 70% road I’d say. I will make it to San Jose, Costa Rica and try and replace both my tires there before heading down to Panama and crossing over to Columbia with Clay from Canada by the end of the month. I had a pretty low key rest of the day started to do some research on how I am going to get from Argentina to South Africa. Talk to my buddy Ben who lives down in Playa Gigante and got directions to his house/ surf lodge. I got caught up on a little Skype action, nice dinner, and went to bed.



Ran around town looking for a map of Nicaragua, no luck oh well at least I am getting to be a pro at getting lost. Haha… I got my bike out of the owner of the hostels house and loaded her back up, threw the tire on the back and headed off. Made it out of town without getting lost once... I rallied through Nicaragua, didn’t follow my friends directions too much took a short cut and it worked out for me. I followed his directions wants I got off the Pan-American and got into the good old dirt. I had a blast riding today just laughing and giving her throttle. I was almost to my buddies house when I cam e up on a small river crossing he forgot to tell me about. I didn’t know how did it was, I waited till I saw a suv cross it, looked to be about knee deep. I took it easy through the crossing and then fish tailed up the muddy hill on the other side. I drove right past my friends lodge and then after asking some locals I pulled up to his gate. He let me in with a smile, hug, beer, and 5 minutes to get my board shorts on pick a surfboard and get on the boat. PERFECT!!

We ripped up the coast looking for some waves, after 15 minutes we were in the water surfing a fun little break. We surfed for 3hrs or so and then headed back to the boat. I got settled into my room shown around the lodge and town. Went to his restaurant for dinner and a few drinks. Had a pretty mellow day, this place is amazing I will stick around here for a week.

DAY 69-71


We grabbed our boards and walked down the beach over some rocks around the cliffs and jumped off a small cliff into the ocean and went surfing for 3+hrs. I traded with a guy Gavin and used his long board which was a blast due to the size of the waves. I have been going surfing and hanging out with a guy JJ one of Bens and Becca’s good friends. We did an hour hike each way through the dang ol jungle to go surf. Got home ate lunch took a nap and hiked back out toward the same spot but then went into a different town for dinner. We crossed a gnarly swing bridge in the dark that had a lot of missing planks.

I have had an awesome time catching up with Ben I haven’t seen or hung out with him in almost 4 years.

The town is really really awesome a small fishing town which is about to blow up as a huge surfing destination.

Ben let me grab his Capitan, gas, and a few new friends and go fishing, his boat needed to be run. There were 8 people, 6 guys and two girls. The boat was divided myself and three Canadian guys fishing in the back and the rest in the front either hangover, sick, or seasick. One girl wasn’t ready for what fishing entailed. Right as we caught our first tuna, I leaned down and gaffed it out of the water she started to cry… Understandable due to how the first fish went down. We caught the fish pulled it in; when I gaffed it, it started to bleed. Walter the captain grabbed it and washed it off tossed it into the boat. Well it was still alive and started to flap around thus spray blood all over everything haha... The 4 in the front was not impressed. Haha we got it down pat for the rest of the fish we caught a total of 5 nice size tunas and kept them to eat. We were mainly using a hand line which is a blast to fight a fish on, much more entertaining than just a rod. We got back to land I kept one for myself, one was a tip for Walter the captain, and the rest was taking to a restaurant for dinner. We met back up and went and ate fish tacos for dinner. Was pretty good, kind of expensive since we caught the fish. Very nice group of people mainly from Canada.

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