Saturday, January 21, 2012


DAYS 72-76


Lots of catch up, been slacking at the lodge. We will just say that the power/ internet keeps going out so hard to write..(Not true but sounds like a good excuse.)

I am slowly figuring out surfing, still have a long way but it is becoming a lot more awesome the more and more I go and get better. I got to surf almost twice a day swell permitting, the last few days of my stay the waves were not existing but still nice to get out in the water. My friend Ben had to go to Costa for a little get away slash boat part pickup so I hung out with Becca and JJ every day. We went on late night hikes through the jungle over crazy swing bridges just for a little pizza. You wake up 6-7am everyday and go to sleep by 9-10pm every night. Went on a few nice long beach hikes, the sunsets were incredible and the people were awesome. I am sad to leave but very very anxious and excited to get on the bike and ride until I get to Panama to catch a boat to Columbia. I will be meeting up with Clay who I met randomly, once in Mexico and another in Guatemala, we will meet in San Jose Costa Rica and ride to catch a boat to Columbia from Panama together.



Woke up crack of dawn 5:30am or so and started to pack up my bags and get ready. Walked with JJ to the Surf Lodge for coffee around 6:30am, got some coffee strolled around town and then loaded up the bike. I wanted to say good bye to my friend Becca, although she was at work and supposedly a dog that lives there hate motorcycles and will bite you if you show up on one. So all geared up I walked over to her work, as I walked onto the property all of the dogs start going crazy barking at me and walking around me, they had not done that since I have been here. All of a sudden the dog I was warned about got up from his spot barked at me walked behind me and BIT ME in the back of the knee. Although it was just a warning bite no skin breakage that was the first time I have ever been bit by a dog. I hate that dog it ran away before I could turn around with my steel toe boots.. I said my goodbyes and headed off on a 25km muddy slick road (even more slick when you have no more tread on your rear tire). You know your tire is bad when the locals look at it and tell you to get a new tire... hahaha..  

I splashed through the river cross which was a little higher then first time since it had rained heavy the past few days. Made it to the asphalt and flew into Rivas, I was feeling very tired, weird, sick with a cold, and out of it. I got gas and headed to find a bank. I started heading to the border and I truly felt like crap, I almost turned around and went back to Ben’s to go to sleep. I got close to the border and it was a mess, trucks parked everywhere, thus making you drive on the shoulder which was a foot think of mud. Got through to the border, a guy came out trying to help me I said no thanks and went on my way. I made it through the first check point and it started to pour, I still was feeling awful as I turned into the next area where there was 15 people walking my way wanting to help and pay. I was too tired to deal I turned back around and found the first guy who was trying to help me out earlier. He shot me through the process without a hitch and sent me on my way.

It is still pouring rain, I see three other bikers ahead of me at the car spray to wash the bikes before being allowed into Costa Rica. One guy from Canada was on an adventure bikes all set up wearing full gear, dirt bike boots, pants, pressure protections suit, full face touring helmet. The other two guys were on late/ early 80-90’s Honda Shadows, not real gear other than helmets one full face, one chopper style top hat. On guy had jeans and jacket other was wearing a ripped jacket, shorts, and a lot of bandages.. Yup that’s right he wrecked at night in the mountains of Honduras in the rain and tore his skin off. The two on Hondas had shipped their bikes to Belize and were riding to Panama for a three week adventure, the other guy was headed to Brazil to see family and pick u his wife then ride around South America before heading back to Canada. I hung out with them while we ran around and got all of our paper work, insurance, stamps, and permits figured out. Insurance? They supposedly had to get it for Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, whoops this is the first place I have gotten insurance other than Mexico. Oh well lucked out on that one I guess no trouble.. Moving on.. Haha

I rode with those guys for about an hour when they pulled off for lunch I pressed on, even though the border crossing went smooth and fast it still took over 2hrs. I started picking up my pace, but was so tired all morning and day that I finally had to stop for some food and a red bull wake up and get back at it. I started to see a lot of cops, I came up on a parked one he ran toward me pulled out his Radar Gun I slammed brakes and made it by without a problem. Then there were tons of bike cops with radar guns pulling everyone over. I knew I was starting to run a late for my 5pm meeting time with clay at Wal-Mart near the airport outside of San Jose. There was a lot of traffic between Puntarenas to San Jose, so I was bobbin n weaving all the way. Came up on a police check point, they were waving everyone over..(Oh come on I’m not going to make it before dark and miss Clay) wait what just happened yup he waved me through!!! I pull into town get turned around for a sec see Wal-Mart and pull in. Sweet there’s clay lets go to hostel. We rode to the hostel yup full, oh yeah its Friday night probably should have booked that one haha.. So we rode in circles in the dark looking for a hostel with safe parking, screw it there is a hotel with safe parking I’ll take it. We shared a room and did some research on line ate dinner and headed to bed.

Pics to come soon..

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