Thursday, January 5, 2012




Woke up a little slow this morning, still feeling lethargic. Drank some coffee and headed into town to walk around and find sunscreen. We walked to the pier and I was in heaven! All of the small fishing boats were getting hoisted up onto the end of the pier and fish were being filleted everywhere. Right as you walked in there was just rows of fresh Ceviche, fish, shrimp, lobsters, mussels, and everything else you could want seafood wise. Then you walk out onto the pier and it’s just guys clean boats, nets, and fish. I eat two bowls of Ceviche, shrimp, calamari, clam, fish, salsa, lime, picante, and seasonings. SO SO SO DELICIOUS for just $2 a bowl.

            I get back to the hostel and relax, rode on my first two Chicken Buses this trip 25 cents each. I relaxed at the hostel, wrote, had a beer, and then went for a walk. I got back and was told that some others were headed down the beach 30 minutes or so to release baby turtles into the sea. El Salvador used to be known for harvesting the turtle eggs and eating them. That was made Illegal a while back so they have started to help them now. They track the turtles to where they lay the eggs; after they leave they take the eggs and give them a safe area to hatch away from dogs and predators. After they are hatch they release them into the sea and for a 5 dollar donation which helps out the families who do the work you can release a lot of them around 5pm into the sunset.

            We walked up the beach and finally found the place right before the sunset. They were swimming in a square tub, he scooped them up into a bucket about 30-40 little guys. We walked to the water and started to release them, it is amazing that you can aim them any ways and they will always turn and head to the ocean. The guy running it yelled to me not to move I looked down and there was two I was about to step on and then I almost stepped on one behind me. At one point we had like 15 of them heading toward the ocean together. They were surprisingly soft and smooth. Such a rad experience, so glad I joined in and went with them. We got back to the hostel just in time for dinner and I was so tired went to bed by 8:30.

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  1. i remember the chicken buses from honduras! The nicest thing about the whole bus was the giant sound system in the back which was blaring the raggetone beats. hahah. so funny. enjoy!