Monday, January 9, 2012




            Alright I am going to be completely honest; I woke up with morning a little nervous about crossing through Honduras. I had been told as well as read a lot of forums about people having a lot of trouble with the police in Honduras and I just don’t like border crossings-period… Up till this point I had been lucky, no problems with the cops, Border Officers, or bad encounters at all, so I had a feeling it was my turn soon. I toward the El Salvador/ Honduras border and was stopped at a police check point. Before I could say anything he saw my maps on my tank bag and asked if I was going to Nicaragua. I said yes and he waved me back onto the road and on my way.

            I rode into the border and people started coming out trying to get me to stop so that I would let them help me and pay them for helping me. I just kept driving, one guy walked out and tried to stop me and I just drove through till a cop made me stop. Woops I needed to stop there and talk to the guy who tried to stop me. I gave him my permits and made a quick photocopy and was on my way. As I pulled into the next building I was asked again to let someone help me, No Gracias and made my way to the Immigration office to get stamped out of El Salvador. I made it to the next check point where the guy asked for my title, passport, license, and permits. He had all of my important stuff and told me to follow him, (of course I am going to follow you, you have my life in your hands) haha. I parked my bike near another KLR from Panama and walked into the office. Again I was followed by the same guy trying to help me finally I figured out the key word NO DINARO, he looked at me said you have no money… and walked away..Haha I sat there for awhile and she typed up a permit for me, I had to walk to the bank and pay 35 bucks for the permit just to ride through Honduras a 60mile stretch until I got into Nicaragua. I made a bunch more copies and then she handed me my permit. I met the guy on the other KLR and he warned to watch my speed through Honduras, don’t break 90kmh police are a problem he told me. I grabbed a Pepsi from a nice older lady 60ish who when I maid she reached up and pinched my nipple… ugh what just happened? haha… I got back to the office asked if I was finished and could head to Nicaragua? She said yes all done.

 I jumped on my bike and made my way through Honduras. I came upon my first Police stop, “oh man oh man” I smiled at the guy as he waved me through and then he gave me the thumbs up and smiled and went back to work. I passed a truck full of cops and nothing. I came to another checkpoint and they just waved me through with a quick nod, I gave them the thumbs up and headed toward the border. The road was horrible zigzagging all though pothole hell until I reached the border. Another check point at the border, they wanted my License and were not taking my copies or Permit, finally he told me he wasn’t cop he was official who need to see a valid license to let me into the Border. I made my way to the border, very excited I made it without a problem... “Yeah I am getting good at this watch out world I have this down pat…” (Yeah right..) I strutted up to the window to get checked out of Honduras.. "Sir where is your entry stamp?” “My what” I was told and read that El Salvador and Honduras doesn’t stamp. He got me to walk into the office and sit in the back room. An officer came in holding a stamp and sat down. We talked for a sec and he told me I should have a stamp and I would not be allowed to enter Nicaragua or leave Honduras. He started to BS me around finally I knew what he was after, I looked at him and asked how much for the stamp. He smiled said yes yes and got up got a piece a paper and wrote $50 bucks! WHAT!!! After a little back and forth, he also handed back a little bit of money after I explained I didn’t have enough now for Nicaragua permit. I ended up paying $30 for that damn stamp.. haha oh well it was bound to happen sometime, just didn’t think it would be from a border official. (I am getting really good at laughing and letting things go..and of course still getting lost.. haha). He stapled the money to a piece of paper and stuffed it in the middle of a stack of paper. Although he did get a lady to skip me sit me in the office and cancel my permit and make me legal to go to Nicaragua. I headed across the border after a little running around and sweating a lot I was allowed to enter Nicaragua.

I made it about a 1km until I was stopped by three police officers and asked for my license, I gave them my AAA International driving license. They were all around my bike I was trying to watch all of them my helmet was still off when another guy started to ask me stupid questions about the bike. The officer with the permit started to hand back the license, and then another cop started to walk up, yup time to go! I snatched my license said gracias and gave her gas for about 400meters put my helmet back on and gear, headed down the road. Not even 1km further and another checkpoint!!! Their shirts said Immigration but there truck had a rubbed off immigration sticker on the back but kind of a legit one on the door. They asked for my passport..(You Serious, we’re not even 2km from the border where I just had to show my passport to get onto this road) Fine, here it is he looked at it for a second said thanks and sent me on my way. The road went from very smooth and nice to pothole hell again. I Came into a town and found an atm and gas. Saw my new friend from Panama again and he wanted a picture of us, I took one as well. I got back on the road after gas and headed for Leon, I was making good time flying down the road. I came upon three other bikes with younger kids on them. They honked and yelled smiling at me as I passed them. They chased after me and we were flying down the road, out of nowhere there was a cop standing on the road she started to walk out toward our lane blowing her whistle. I started to hit the brakes then remember when I got pulled over before they had no radios and there was no car around her, yeah right slammed the gas and blasted out of there same with the kids. I continued on my way, caught up with the Panama guy he was riding slow, probably smart so we rode for a while until he headed toward the capital and I went for the coast. I made it through Leon without getting too lost and the first hostel I tried had safe parking, weird vibe but cheap. I will go find tires tomorrow, spend one more night and go to Ben’s hotel on the 11th.

Pictures to come..

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  1. Hey Fletch,

    Nice to read you're putting the gas on your KLR again, maybe we'll see you drive past again one of the coming days (we just arrived in Costa Rica).

    If it could help to make you feel a little better; I think the stamp thing in Honduras is a scam, because our English friends had the exact same problem 2 weeks ago, and had to bribe their way out of Honduras. Probably they try to get gringo's past the migrations office on the El Salvador/Honduras border on purpose and they do the same the other way around?

    Anyways, Bien viaje!