Sunday, August 12, 2012

CATCHING UP 7/16-20/2012



I had my first Spanish class this morning and it was nice. She speaks very fast and I have to ask her to slow down but she just laughs and says sorry then 10 minutes later back to 1000 mph hahaha. I finished class and headed to the shop, Nicky was still there. He invited me to his house for lunch and to hang out. It is so nice to be taken in and treated as family; we had a nice lunch and then headed back to the shop. Hung out at the shop for awhile just relaxing and working on my Spanish as well as Nicky’s English.



        Spanish is going well although still slowly but well. Every time I show up at the shop Nicky couldn’t be nicer and always greets me as if I am a close friend or family. Rorro and I were invited to join Nicky at his house for dinner and to watch the video from the MX race as well as the MX series from the US. We made sandwiches and watched the local video then Rorro had to go into town for a meeting about a possible construction project coming up. He dropped me off near the shop and I walked home for the night. We met up at the shop the next night hung out for a bit, then Nicky, his daughter Rorro, and myself headed for dinner which was deep fried steak and rice. We then headed to Nicky’s house to watch the newest MX race from the US which was nice, although I was very tired and fought off falling asleep on his couch haha. I got dropped off at my hotel and just relaxed. More Spanish then hung out with Nicky and his friends for the day. I met my friend Paul and asked him about what I should do since I most likely will be running over my visa and permit for Bolivia. He gave me advice to go to the Iguana and ask for an extension for my bike and he said I will have to pay 3 bucks every day I pass my visa unless I can get an extension from immigration. I took an easy night and headed to bed.



 I walked to the shop and asked Nicky if he could write a letter explaining the problems with my bike and why I will be over staying my permit and Visa. I called Rorro to see if he could run me out to the Iguana as we had discussed the night before. When talking to him I told him I would love to take him to lunch since he was going to run me around town for a few hours. He laughed and said nonsense and took me to his house where we had cheeseburgers and hung out for awhile. On the way to his house he picked up a kid on the corner with a bucket and took him to his house. The kid washed his car for a buck and then left. We then headed to the shop grabbed the letter and headed for the Iguana (Customs). The guy there was actually really nice, he told us first to go to immigration and see if they would extend my visa for a bit before he gave us an extension. We then headed to the Immigration nope they were not as nice and said they couldn’t do it, being an America I can only get a three month tourist visa for each year. They said when I leave the country I will have to pay 3 bucks for every extra day I stay. We headed back to the Customs and talked with him for awhile, he said he couldn’t give an extension now but on August 2nd if I was still here he would give me an extension without a problem so we headed back to the shop. We ended up hanging out with Nicky for awhile and had dinner again which is just so fucking awesome to be taken in by such an awesome group of close friends who are now becoming good friends of mine. We went to a local bar for happy hour and to meet up with Henry and Robert for while. I headed home by 11 or so, didn’t want to feel like crap for a fun day of hanging out at the MX track.

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