Friday, August 31, 2012

SUCRE IS OVER... 8/18-24/2012

        I know my past month and a half updates might have been a little boring for everyone. But for me this past month has been a highlight, so incredible how a group of people who do not know you at first will take a chance and take you in as a long lost family member.
        I took an easy morning just writing a lot and then headed to the shop at 12:30 to meet up with Nicky. Finished off the last part of my bike (the broken U-bolt) and headed for Nicky’s for lunch then to grab my riding gear and meet back at the shop at 2:30pm to head for the track.
        The bike ran nice all the way to the track, felt very strong and solid, although need to go back through and re tighten everything one last time with lock tight. We got to the track and almost everyone was there, Sergio Sr., Sergio Jr., Mati, Bryan and his Dad Walter, Jean Paul, Susan, Tonka, Peter, Nicky, and a bunch other riders from Nicky’s Shop. It was great lighting not a cloud in the sky just and amazing Blue Bird day. We had a great day just hanging out in the sunshine; I took over 120 pictures some really good ones. I had a nice talk with Sergio Sr. Sergio Jr. was testing out his New bike which is a 2011 Crf 250 modded out so awesome, from the way he was riding and fighting off his uncle as they raced I think it is safe to say he loved his new bike. Bryan was riding fast as well, I have only seen him ride three times but every time that kid just keeps getting faster. Nobody wanted to stop riding they all rode until the sun went down and started to get cold. Nicky and Sergio was battling hard against each other but Sergio was holding him off, they came into the last big berm and Nicky’s front tire caught and he went up and over the bars hard. He smacked his head pretty good but was okay and we loaded up the bikes and headed back to Sucre. The ride home was nice and fast, I tried out a new set of Smith V-2 and they were fucking awesome!! I need a pair they fit my helmet and face so much nicer than my Oakley Crowbars. We made it back to the shop and I dropped off my bike after helping to unload the MX bikes into the garage, my new place doesn’t have any parking. They told me they were throwing me a going away party tomorrow at Nicky’s.
        I headed home changed took a cold ass shower and then headed out for a walk, food, and beer. I grabbed some Pizza and some hippy selling some handmade crap yelled at me telling me to share my pizza.. Haha sorry dude I am a broke traveler too, later.. Haha I was walking toward Florin to meet up with a friend for a beer when I thought I heard my name I turned around and it was Nicky’s youngest daughter saying my name and waving. I walked back and met up with her and then we walked to her dads car, talked with Nicky for a while and he said my BBQ was set for tomorrow. I was stoked and went had a few quick beers and was home before 12am.

        I got up and headed for coffee and to do some writing. I talked with Nicky and he told me BBQ starts at 1pm I talked with Gus and he told me he would pick me up at 1:30pm. I am in Bolivia and here you are on Bolivian time, so everybody shows up late. We showed up at 1:40pm as we were getting there got a call asking where the hell I was since I was late and they were ready to eat. haha The one time I show up late, everyone else shows up on time hahaha.. It was an awesome day of BBQ pork ribs, steak, wine, and great company. It was a lot of fun, but at the same time kind of sad, because it made me realize I was going to have to say goodbye to such good friends and new family. I got invited to my good friend’s houses for lunch over the next few days, going to Jean Paul’s house on Monday and to Ramiro’s house on Tuesday.
 We headed home and I grabbed my computer and headed for internet and coffee. I worked on my photo’s and for a quick second got the chance to talk to a very good friend from home but only for a few minutes but it was nice had not talked with her over a chat since Colombia.

        Monday I ran around in the morning doing a few things and then I headed for Nicky’s to meet up with Jean Paul to go to his house for lunch. I had lunch with him, Suzan, and Suzan’s brother who just got back from Competing in the Olympics. We had a nice local dish and hung out for a few hours.  
        Tuesday I had lunch at Ramiro house and got to take a tour of his bakery. We had a huge lunch and then they showed me a ton of pictures and let me take some pictures of Ramiro racing in the 80’s.
        All week I ran around getting ready, patching up some of my luggage, working on the bike, Oil changes, and cleaning it up. I have been working on my favorite photos of everyone so I can print out some large photos for Jean Paul, Nicky, and a bunch of small pictures for a collage for Nicky’s office. Weds night went out with Robert and Henry for three too many drinks.
        Thursday night we all went out to dinner for a goodbye at one of my favorite restaurants for some grilled chicken. Then we went out for a few drinks and headed home.
        Friday came and it was go time, I ran around getting the bike ready to shred. Hung out with Nicky a lot. We went to lunch one last time with his family, was sad to say goodbye, I will miss my Lunch times with them.
        I headed into town to grab my presents from the Printer. We hung out for a little longer then around 6pm I saw Jean Paul and gave him his photo. I sat down with Nicky and gave him thirty photos for his wall and one large photo for his house of him spraying dirt everywhere on a berm shot.
        Rorro, Nicky, Ramiro, Esteban, Edu, Edu’s girlfriend, and I all went out to dinner for some chicken and some good conversations. I headed home to pack; I then got a call from Rorro asking me where I was and to come have a last beer with everyone. I went and hung out for two drinks and then said my goodbyes and headed for home. I packed a little more then went to sleep. 



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