Sunday, September 16, 2012


Wicked To corrientes.. And just in time to get sick... Haha
I didn’t sleep much my bike is really on my mind, it is running like crap, very rich, kicking out a lot of black smoke, and crushing through oil. To say the least I am very very worried, because if it is something to do with the big bore I had to do there is no room to fix the bore if it is off. The piston is the largest piston I can go so I will have to get a new cylinder and start over. From my understanding at least. I am not sure what I will do if I have to do something like that.. I need to replace my back bearings as well. For the first time of this trip I am worried as well as a little down in the dumps. But it only lasted for a little while because I stopped worrying over things I cannot control looked around and realized how lucky I am and stoked to be doing this trip. So everything will happen as it happens and everything happens for a reason. I am very excited to see what adventures lay ahead of me.
A new thought has come into play instead of going right for Africa I have been thinking of applying for a work visa for Australia and going over there for 6 months or so and working and making some cash and then flying to Japan, then to Thailand to continue my way to Europe and then finish my travels in Africa. It is so amazing not having any solid plans and truly the world is in front of me as one big adventure and experience.
With a lot of checking the oil I made my way to Resistencia, stocked back up on Oil and then finally made it to Corrientes. We were looking for a place to stay since our host from was not replying to our messages. David made his way to find internet. I sat leg sprawled on the side walk next to my bike; I hadn’t showered for four days or so, covered in dirt from riding, and oil from messing with the bike. As I sat there a few people walking by said hi and asked a few questions. I am guessing I looked quite like a very dirty bum who somehow had a nice big bike. A nice older lady who was 60 walked up started talking to me asking question, and then headed on her way. She was gone for about 30 seconds and came back telling me to come to her house for Food and a shower haha. I told her I was waiting on my amigo; she left and told me she would be back. David came back just in time when Rebecca showed back up and handed me a phone I said hi and there was a guy on the other end who spoke English telling me that his friend wanted to have us to her house for a shower and food. We had no other options so we followed her, and then she insisted that we take our bikes into her house down a hallway into the courtyard. She insisted we unpack and stay the night.
She told me later that she stopped to help because she was once helped out by an older lady when she was in Frankfurt Germany and was homeless. So she wanted to repay the favor and I looked like I could use some help… haha haha
We went for a walked to try and catch the sunset over the river and bridge but were a little too late but still got a few pics.
She invited her friend over who speaks English and we hung out for the Night. She got wind that we were planning on moving tomorrow to find a hostel to stay, because we did not want to over stay the welcome. She was not about to have that, she said no we will stay as long as we want, no questions asked.. Yes maam I am sorry. Haha

Woke up feeling pretty good not to sick, so I grabbed my laptop and headed for a café to do some online banking, picture uploads, and work on some of my writing. I was there for three hours and started to feel quiet shitty again so I headed back to the house. It is very humid here, I met up with David and with Rebecca we headed to the Supermarket to find some lunch. I kept feeling worse and worse so I took a nap and was just sweating and shaking. The family we are staying with were very worried and wanted me to go to the hospital right away. So David and I headed for the hospital, after 30 minutes we finally found the right one and went in. There was pretty good size line but within 5 minutes we were called in. There was a transvestite doctor working and making jokes the whole time, the place was to say the least very ghetto; my doctors couldn’t have been older than 20 years old. They asked a few questions then shoved a piece of wood down my throat and said yup your throats red it is a virus not bacterial; you need a shot in the ass?? Wait what did you just say? They just started to laugh. The best part he was trying to ask if I had a cough which I had already told him I did have, so when he was trying to explain I thought he wanted me to cough so I did and everyone just started laughing I felt like an idiot. Haha
We then were told I needed to get X-rays to see if I had infection in the face?? So now I have two sweet x-rays of my face and skull… Possible new tattoo??? Haha so at the end of it all two hours later, just like I thought it was a bad cold with a small sinus infection, and I kept the x-rays haha. All for free. Now I need sleep and head for the falls on Monday I think I will be up there for my birthday. Nice place to be for your bday I think.

I woke up feeling a little better, took it easy worked online for a bit and then met up with David. I should have stayed in bed all day but I was restless and hate sitting around doing nothing so we went for a quick walk. Well it turned into a 3 hour walk in 100 degree heat, I had water but it was so hot…. We got back to the house and I went to sleep for awhile I woke up rough my stomach was in knots and I was just feeling really bad. I tried to sleep it off but I was in a lot of pain, I grabbed a bunch of Gatorade because I feel like I got heat stroke. Dave headed out to meet a few couchsurfers and I laid in bed, they family we are staying with are very nice, they are constantly trying to help me. My stomach felt so full even though I hadn’t eaten a lot today and my Gatorade was really hard to drink. I almost threw up a few times during the day and night. Finally around 11pm the gates opened and I puked my brains out all liquid for 5 minutes… haha I was then able to drink Gatorade and water for the night as I slept it off.






Still trying to figure out what to do.. Do I go for it to the falls, or head south to B.A. and go to a moto shop I have been told about Dakar Motos to see if they can help me fix my problems and get me back on the road again with out a oil burning smoker....
Oh shit balls. hahaha
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