Sunday, July 1, 2012




We all woke up feeling the last couple of days of riding; so we took it easy all of the shops we needed were closed due to it being a Sunday. We all caught up on our writing and picture sorting had a nice relaxing day walking around.

On Monday we all headed for the moto shops and check them out. I found a jet and some gas hose so that was nice. We took it easy just checking out Sucre and hitting the cafĂ©’s for coffee and internet. Nick and I planned on changing my tire to my new knobby I had bought in La Paz, although due to running a 19inch tube heavy duty in the back we could not break the bead so at the last second ran it to a shop and they changed my tire and filled it for $1.20 perfect. I reassembled my bike and was ready for the loop we were going to do tomorrow. Had a nice dinner said see you later to Ian, the route we were going to take was almost an all dirt loop and he was not interested to say the least.

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