Saturday, October 27, 2012


        Took it pretty easy today walked around in the rain for awhile. Worked on my pictures and writings; Memo was at his weekend house so I went to his house for some internet. Met up with Martin after he was done with work and just took it very easy. I got the chance to cook for Martins family, his mom, sister, his daughter Mili, Memo, and Martin; nothing crazy but a nice meat pasta. I have had such an incredible time meeting and hanging out with Mili, she is one cool 12 year old… even though her favorite musician is Justin Bieber (Just kidding Mili) And I am sorry that I thought it was a girl on the radio when it was Justin. Since I made fun of her music I will admit that I think she drives a manual car better than I do…. Haha I had to say goodbye to Mili tonight which was very sad, it was awesome meeting you and becoming friends!!!!
Just filled out my applications for Australia and started working on my carnet for Australia. Walked around a lot, really just waiting for my bike to be finished, getting very restless to get back on the road. So grateful for Martin and Memo letting me stay at their houses for so long. I thought it was only going to take at the most 2 weeks to get back on the road but now I have been staying for a month. Not only am I itching to get back on the road, but I do not want to over stay my welcome, they have done so much for me and it has been amazing!!! They have showed me such a great time in BA, that I would not of had without them. Cannot wait to repay the favor when they come to stay with me one day when I go back in the states.
        I paid my fees with my application for a working Holiday, 300 bucks I better get accepted or that was a waste of Money……….
        I met up with my friend Juana to get shown around BA, we had a great day which ended in me making dinner for us, nothing to crazy, asparagus, mashers, and chicken. Got an email bike will be ready in the morning so excited; I am back on the road again on Wednesday!!! Headed for ……..

        Met up with Juana and we took the Tourist Yellow bus around BA for the day it was nice to just ride around checking out all of the different places in a three hour window..
        I jumped on the train headed for DakarMotos where my bike was waiting for me. I paid a lot more then I hoped for but it is what it is... So I busted out a smile and gave her some gas… It felt so good to be back on the bike, I am so ready to head for Patagonia... Not sure if I will go to Uruguay, tempted just to head for Patagonia. Headed back into town and meet up with Martin and left my bike in his Uncle’s parking space. We met up with Memo, and Coco, and their friends for a nice steak dinner. We had some nice wine, I was feeling pretty tired and out of it all day so I took it easy. We ended up going to this awesome bar called Franks. We had to tell a password to the bouncer then walk into a room with a telephone booth type in another password and a door opened to a very fancy bar where their friend works. We sat up stairs hanging out drinking “Old Fashions” which was awesome since I love “Old Fashions” and they make me think of my old boss Jason Vernon.
        Martin headed out of town for a bachelor party and I stayed in town and went through my stuff over at Memo’s as he laid in bed all day being sick.  I went out for some drinks with Juana and her friends which was a lot of fun.
        Woke up in the morning feeling crushed, but jumped on my bike and headed up to Pilar to meet Memo and Martin for Asado. Memo wanted to take my bike out, I said yes very scared, I do not like to let others ride my bike. But after everything he has done for me I could not say no. So he went out and rode for a few blocks. We ate, then took a nap, when I awoke it was raining hard. Crap all I had was my jacket and jeans. So I rode home freezing my… off and was soaked. The 0ne hour ride took 2.5 hrs due to all the traffic. I dropped the bike off and took a taxi home to take a nice hot shower. We ate dinner all together and passed out early like 11:30pm 

        Nothing too crazy these days, just ran around packing and getting ready to leave. Had a nice roasted chicken dinner, but I really wanted to cook for Memo and Martin. Although Martin got sick and broke up with his girlfriend so he wasn’t going come over so we threw a bird in the oven. Well he ended up coming over and then I got a bunch of shit for not cooking up one last meal…. Hahaha I will miss those dudes.
        Tuesday I packed up the last of my stuff, work online for a sec, got my title laminated (which sounds crazy) but it was shredded. I should of just used a nice color copy since the beginning. But not that smart used the originals at the crossing and now it is in pieces. Woops. Haha I met up with Juana for a nice dinner out and just to hang out before I head off tomorrow. She dropped me off to a bar where Coco, Memo, and Martin were all waiting for me to have a few last beers. It was nice to hang out one last time, until next time my friends!!! Martin and I went home and hungout for awhile before passing out. 

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