Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ba life steez!!
I hung out with Memo for the morning as he was taking it easy due to a big night out the night before. I did some more research on carnets, plane tickets, and work visa applications. I caught a ride with Memo as he was headed out of the city for the weekend to go to his weekend house. I jumped out near Martins new house to help him, but when I got there he didn’t need help so I just walked 40 blocks got lost and finally made it to Memo’s although it was nice because everyone was out for the Saturday skateboarding, listening to live music, lying out in the parks. I really do like this city. I met up with Martin when he picked me up to go to his daughter’s birthday party which was at an ice skating rink. Yup I went Ice skating and to say the least it was very very comical. We got back to the apartment very tired at 10:30 no time for a nap change and head for Martin’s cousins house to pick him up and then go out to some friends house to have some drinks. We hung out there playing FIFA and drinking until 2:30 am and then headed into town to the clubs. We met some cool people and hung out drinking Argentina style, I lost track of time and when they said lets go get breakfast. Well we walked out of the club and the sun was already up… haha we went to their favorite breakfast joint after a night of drinking and it was packed with young kids just getting out of the clubs, and guess where that was.. No way you guessed it... it was McDonalds. hahaha we finally got home at 9am and passed out. Although I have a horrible habit of never sleeping long when I drink a lot, so I was up by 11:30 or so, I skyped with my mom for a bit and then headed out to the market to buy some breakfast foods. I made a big breakfast, drank some coffee, and by 2pm I went back to sleep until 8pm haha. We then hung out with memo when he back from his other house. Everyone was whooped and went to bed pretty early, well that was after we ate a lot of left over BBQ from Memo’s house.

Recap of the week:
All week I walked around a lot for hours at a time and it was very very nice to do so, no plans or time limit just going for awesome walks through some really cool areas and parks. Went to Martins new place to help him figure out a way to get all of the fiberglass old roof from his balcony down 8 stories to the street. We were able to hand it down the middle of his stair case. One would hold it and the other would run down four sets of stairs and then the next would lower it down while the other would run down and so on until we made it to the street. We did this about 20 times then met up with his daughter and his mother and went for a quick dinner before I said my goodbyes and headed home for the night. Got news back from DakarMotos my valve seals were screwed, cylinder was bored to tight, suspension blown needing rebuild, and so on… haha I need to bring him some cash. I asked my friends if that was normal, he said it was normal in Argentina to give some money now so they can buy parts and pay for machinist and so on. So I caught the train up North checked out the pictures of the damage done to my cylinder and paid him some.
One night sitting on Memo's deck talking a drinking with friends, I was messing around with Memo when I felt my phone fly from my hand. Then smash, boom, and Splash.... Nobody asked what it was they just stared over the edge looking down four stories... So I just quietly sat down laughing, later when I was going to bed I told Memo good night time for me to go to bed considering I threw my phone off of your deck.. haha In the morning I found the phone sitting in a deck a few stories below submerged in water.... Some how two days later with water still in the screen it worked just fine when I turned it on.... haha
Got the chance to go with Memo to see what he does for a living and it was awesome!! He owns a production company doping all different advertising shoots all over South America. This one was for Adidas and they closed down some streets in Downtown BA from 11pm to 6am. It was very interesting to watch I have never seen a professional photo shoot. I only lasted until 5am and then headed home I was exhausted to say the least, hard to stay up that long without alcohol. Haha
I was invited by a member to check out a street performance she was doing, it was dance mixed with parkor(spelling)…
We have been planning on heading out of town for the weekend to go to Martin’s farm, so that should be rad with wakeboarding, fishing, and shooting some guns. On Thursday Memo’s friends from Brazil showed up for the South America Bike Polo Championship Tournament. I met up with Martin after he got out of work and followed him to his mom house to drop his scooter off. Yeah I look like a badass on that 125cc scooter… hahaha
We went to his place made up my room and hung out while it rained so sop hard. he said if it keeps raining we may not go to the farm due to a 15km dirt road into the farm which when it rains hard it is impassable with their two wheel drive cars…







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