Friday, March 9, 2012




        Got a move on pretty quickly, ran around coffee and got on the ride. I headed out the bike sounded fine so I decided to head for Popayan. I stopped and made sure I was headed in the right direction; I asked again and then headed for the dirt. It didn’t seem right so I asked another moto rider; nope wrong way go back through town and then take the next dirt road.  The road turned into a nice paved road and we rallied it hard climbing up, all of a sudden it turned into a gnarly dirt road. Bouncing around splashing through some pretty good mud holes, just laughing and ripping. I passed a bunch of trucks and cars, just having fun. I head into the first and only military check point; the first guy gave me thumbs up. The rest walked out into the road and stopped me, first time getting stopped in Colombia. Turned off the bike and the first guy put his hand out and we shook. One guy wanted me to take my helmet off; once I did they told me I had mud in my beard. We all just laughed and talked about what I was up too and where I was headed. They were very intrigued and could not be nicer.

        I rallied through the dirt for over 120km, lost of construction and potholes. It was nice to get muddy again, warms the soul.

I made it to Popayan, after running circles for a bit I found a Moto taxi and gave him a dollar to take me to my hostel. I got into the hostel parked my bike down the street in a parking area and took a well needed shower. Walked around town looking for some food and just taking in my surroundings. I went out for coffee with a really cool group of people from all over the world and just traded stories for about an hour. I made some dinner and crashed out for the night in the DVD room.

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