Friday, March 30, 2012


DAY- 148-149


I had to stick close to the hostel the last few days waiting for the package so I could sign for it. I was pretty bummed when Nick got his package so quick and it left after mine. I have come to the realization that someone or something is trying to tell me to SLOW DOWN AND STOP TRYING TO PLAN AND RUSH THROUGH. So with that said I have decided to play and slow roll my way to Bolivia, where I will hopefully be taking 2 weeks to learn a new hobby that has something to do with flying like a bird! I now know for sure I will not be making it to TDF Argentina before winter, so I will pick up some staging/ volunteer work when I get to Argentina or somewhere in between and wait out the winter before finishing up SA and heading to South Africa. No reason to rush my trip of a life time!

        So after waiting for five extra days from when my package was supposed to arrive I had lost hope. I was sitting outside with a British couple who is riding a F800GS, who was also waiting on a package. They got theirs around 4:30pm Friday, 5pm came and went and I was straight bummed. I walked up stairs pretty sad for the first time of this whole trip. Right when I had lost hope, I hear what I think is someone butchering my name. I peak over the railing, yup there is a delivery guy holding my last package. Yup you guessed it; to his surprise I ran up and gave him a hug we all started to laugh. I signed for it and was off running down the street praying the moto shop was still open. The owner knew I had been waiting for this package so he let me in and I started working on my bike as they cleaned up, he assigned one of his mechanics to help me out. We changed the chain and sprockets, riser links on the suspension, and a 500lb coil spring. The coil spring they didn’t have anything that would fit over to decompress to change it. So they ran it to a friend and had him change it for us. We got her back together, without the help of the mechanic I would have been there double the time. They only charged me for the other shops work on the suspension, so I tipped out the mechanic who saved my day. Oh yeah the shop that lets you work in and use their tools is closing for a week starting tomorrow. Yup lucked out!

        So after hanging out in Cali, Colombia for three weeks I am ready to go, it was a mixture of reasons. From companies being slow to send things or not telling me they didn’t have them to ship, custom taking packages, and just flukes.

        I am living on a high right now, going to crack a beer and go get my pelican cases back on and have her all ready to shred tomorrow morning. ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, ECUADOR HERE I COME!!!

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