Friday, March 9, 2012


DAY 124-125
        I had a pretty relaxed day walked around and took in the town. I met a few nice guys from Australia and England and had fresh potato empanadas. I caught up on a lot of uploading pictures and writing. Nothing to crazy just a well needed do nothing kind of day. I got in contact with Nic from Canada who is on a DR650 and found out he was in Cali at a rad moto guy Mikes Hostel Casa Blanca. I will head there tomorrow and work on my bike; I notice some gnarly sounds coming from the engine when it is in 1st or second climbing. Had a relaxed night and went to bed early.

        I got up and took a nice slow morning, coffee and empanada breakfast. I worked on the bike, tightened up the chain which had become loose, hoping that has caused my problems. I loaded up the bike and headed out, sweet no noises it was just the chain, being too loose. I made it with in 20km and the noise started again. I got into town and gave a mototaxi the hostel card and followed him. Nope the guy was an idiot and took of leaving me in the dust with my hostel card. Sweet I see him in the distance but he can weave through the cars without problem, because he doesn’t have huge panniers. I ride around lost as hell for about an hour starting to get very frustrated, alright Fletch relax not that big of deal you have been lost plenty of times. After asking over and over for directions a guy on a moped rides up and ask if I need help, he takes me to a Kawasaki dealer (Nic had told me the hostel was near a Kawi shop”. Wrong one but a guy on a bicycle and his friend on a moped asks if I need help. A shot in the dark I ask if they know Hostel Casa Blanca and by some miracle they do they try and tell me direction I just look at them blankly, they just laugh and tell me to follow them. I ride off the sidewalk and chase after them, the traffic was thick and the bicycle was in the lead the whole time. They take me on a sidewalk/ bike path through the city, ugh okay. We pop out at an intersection right in front on three cops, cool no problem I follow them right to the doorstep of the hostel. They shake my hand and ride off into the city. People keep surprising! So lucky.
Mike is at the hostel; and we sit and talk about riding, where to work on my bike, and how to ship stuff cheaply from the states. I am going to take this time to hang out for a week here and order a few things for the bike. I met up with Nic and we headed out for a huge chicken dinner for 3bucks. To bed early and then up to order parts and get help with the bike.

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