Friday, April 6, 2012

TO ECUADOR I GO......NOT.. #$%@



        Alright its finally go time, wake up 6:20am, head for he parque grab my bike, and park it on the sidewalk in front of hostel to load up. I finish loading get my picture taking for the motorcycle wall of fame at the hostel, say my goodbyes and I am off into the wild. Or about a block when horrible noses came periodically from the chain area. What the hell, turn around go back to hostel try to figure out what it would be, it worked great without my duffle on it, so what’s the problem. Dave joined in and we decided my chain might barely be loose, we a grasping at straws. We fix it quick test ride without bags, great sweet, load up the bike and head off this time with an English couple, oh the noise is way worse. I flip around say goodbye to them and go back, we push the bike and at speed with it in neutral you can hear it, GOT IT! What an idiot it’s the tire rubbing on the chain guard which is rubbing on the chain combine together it makes the bike make a horrible noise off and on, and shake. We pushed the bike no more than a half a block away from the hostel. We are gone only 3 minutes and there were people smoking on the patio 4 feet away from my jacket, gloves, compression suit, and Dave’s tools. Dave gets back first and realizes right away all of his tools are gone. People are right there how someone could have the balls to walk up onto the hostel property grab the tools and walk away. I go ahead and tackle my problem, I set my roll of tools right next the bike. David is 3 feet away and he watches a homeless guy with a box walk right up to the bike grab the tool roll toss them in the box and walk away. He confronts them and steals them back out of the box as I am walking back outside with Gatorades... what the hell is going on! Okay it’s all over, holy crap they are sneaky. I feel pretty crappy that David’s tools got stolen, super lame. By the time my bike was ready to go it was already too late to make the gap from Cali to Pasto, you have to do the whole gapping no stopping before 5pm. So I stayed one more damn night in Cali and will head out tomorrow.

Today I got a first for me; I was asked if I was in the UFC, because I am big and have a beard…haha serious question too.

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