Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DAY 159-160



Woke up today ready to hit the road and ride further into the Andes, but first I need to back track 8 miles for gas. I rode back down the valley got gas and sat there for about 10 minutes arguing with myself on where to go, keep with the plan or say screw it blast for the south toward Peru. I decided on Peru and headed south about 4 miles into it I flipped a Uie and headed back into the mountains. All of a sudden another change in mind alright last one I flipped around then sat trying to make up my mind, where do you really want to be. Yup got it and I headed south after riding in circles for 20 miles. I was making good time and blasted down to Cuenca before dark about 500kms. The road there was amazing for pavement, so fast and twisty. The scenery went from Mountains to wide open planes with mountains in the background, and then back into the mountains. I pulled into Cuenca with just a horrible small lonely planet map. I asked a cop how to get to the center after a lot of dancing and hand motions I figured out my way. I got into the center and it was all traffic everywhere, I jumped on and off sidewalks and made my way. I found a nice place for the night, but no parking so I tried a parquet. They told me ten bucks; more than my hostel, I bargained with them and we got it down to five bucks still a lot but better. I walked around, got cheap dinner and found a place that had detailed road maps for Peru, Bolivia, and Chile; I was super surprised and stoked.



Vilcabamba here I come! I rode pretty hard through the mountains ripped my way down in elevation, the scenery kept changing every turn so much fun and amazing views. I made it to Loja pretty quickly and only got turned around in Loja (missed my turn) for 5 minutes or so. The road was nice and straight forward making it to Vilcabamba, I stopped and had lunch. Took a quick walk around town and realized it was all English speaking hippies and Ex-pats. I headed out of town to a hostel I was told was amazing. Was a little pricy 10 bucks a night but amazing views of the town and mountains, with free huge breakfast. Awesome people, good food, and a very relaxed setting. After I had unloaded the bike I gave it a good check over and too my surprise since I had recently checked it out and the oil level. This time though the oil level was very very low (below the suggested lowest level) Very unsettling but nothing I can do other than learn from it. I must check the oil level throughout the day. I have been riding very wide open and fast the past two days. So I topped it off and it still purrs like a lawnmower…. Haha

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