Wednesday, February 22, 2012




Woke up in time to jump on the bus to Colon for last minute things for the boat, and just for something to do. I have been introduced to “Mate”, it is a southern South American Drink with is a plant ground up. They pack a tiny cup full of it and with a straw that is flat at the end with lots of little holes sitting at the bottom of the cup. They pour a small amount of water into one side of it and you drink it until it’s gone, then pass it and fill it up again, and so on and so on. At first taste very bitter and not good, but after two days of sharing it with my friends from Uruguay I am becoming fond of it. We drank it all the way to Colon. Colon is kind of a dump of a port town, ran down and seemed a little sketchy. We ran errands, got groceries for a few days, playing cards, Pina Juice for our rum, and lunch. Was very strange and didn’t really like being in a bus for two hours each way, MISS MY BIKE. If all goes well we will board the sailboat tomorrow night and leave early Thursday arriving in Cartagena on Monday.



A lot of sitting around and waiting all day. Played a lot of pool, walked around stretching the legs. My feet have been getting worse and worse, so I stopped taking the Uric Acid medicine a day ago and my feet are hurting less. Who knows, I stopped eating red meat, beans, and drinking beer (which was the HARDEST!!) We had dinner and were told we would get on the boat around 7pm, 7 came and went, then we heard 8, 8 came and went. They showed up and they sat around and waited finally talking to the owners of the boat, we were told it was time so we grabbed our stuff and headed for the gate. Nope we waited another hour and asked again only 10 more minutes, about another hour and then they said ok let’s go!! We got on the boat around 11:30pm. Hung out for a little bit and figured out where we were slipping. The sleeping arrangements were two double beds (for the couples) a bed for three which we had 2 girls at the last moment that were going to meet us on the boat, and a single bed. On the way to the dock I was hoping for two beautiful women to join us. We arrived at the dock to meet the last two people; they were a very manly lesbian couple.. Haha couldn’t have written it better. The two girls who were a couple were not happy about having to share a bed with a guy, the captain gave up his bed to Matt and everyone was happy. Oh I am pumped I get to sleep in a Coffin, I just fit in and there are high boards all around making a nice tight coffin.  So we are off, three couple, Matt, and myself.

Oh and arriving in the night I notice they did the worst possible plastic jobs on our bikes. They just laid a tarp on the top the engine and all was exposed to the salt elements. Nothing we could do till tomorrow morning.

        Shane an English guy made a bet with his girlfriend and me that five bucks to the last to puke from sea sickness.

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