Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Patience.. is a @#$%&.. haha

DAY- 93


Woke up very frustrated, I hate not knowing what is wrong as well as not being able to keep going at the moment. A friend I trust a lot wrote me concerned that I had just been pushed through the line of people at the hospital yesterday, as I am as well. I grabbed a cup of coffee and went for a walk taking in the views and reminding myself how good I really have it, I am come on Fletch your “stuck” in Panama City boo hoo…haha I drank lots of water ate healthy all day and ended up going to the huge mall to find some new riding socks. My socks are beat and are too big and bulky. I found three nice soccer socks that help with wicking away sweat. There seemed to be a nice movie theater but I really didn’t want to watch a Spanish dubbed movie at that moment. I headed back to the hostel and picked up some food for dinner, rice, veggies, and tuna. I made dinner and just relaxed with a nice can of pina juice.



I woke up and headed to the original clinic that I had started with and maid my .50 cents and waited for 2hrs to talk with the doctor again. I explained everything going on and she was still pretty sure it has something to do with my uric acid level, she prescribe a pill once a day to bring my levels down and I left. Lying in bed I realized I should just get a full blood test and whatever else I could. I headed back snuck into her office cutting the line and she gave me a few minutes of her time. There had been miscommunication between us over the last blood test she didn’t think I wanted full just Uric. So she set me up with two different full blood tests tomorrow morning no eating after 7pm. I headed out checked the time and grabbed a taxi to the mall. I found out that the movies are not dubbed just sub titled so they are still in English. I grabbed a taxi and went back to the mall. I watch Tower Heist not bad got me to relax and laugh. I walked around awhile looking at new cameras, I want to be able to take better photos and my camera is dying. The prices are barely higher than home so I may try and pick up a G12 or S90 both Canons, I also found a moto shop that has Shift Knee and Elbow pads for 20bucks each. Since I want to ride all dirt from Ecuador through Chile, probably not a bad Idea. I got back to the hostel around 8ish and just hung out did some research, emailed the lady who has been helping me with the sailboats. She wrote back saying she doubted there was space, then again saying there was space for me and the bike if I wanted it. Although now the boat isn’t leaving on the 10th but on the 13th. I wrote here telling here I have to wait for my results so without deposit if she could hold it just until the morning of the 8th I will know if I can catch the boat. Surprisingly I just got an email back saying she is holding it until the morning of the 8th so fingers crossed.

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