Saturday, February 11, 2012



I ran around getting the last few things done before departure. I figured out everything I need for the Carnet for Africa which I will send in all of my information and pictures next week once I arrive in Colombia. Feet still bothering me but at least I know what’s going on and have meds for it now. I ran all over Panama looking for a Post Office to send a package home (too much crap shaving weight and crap as I go). I finally found one but it ended up being a pain in the arse so I headed to FedEx… NOPE not a chance they wanted 200 bucks for me to ship with them… Oh well I will figure it out.

 Just relaxed and walked around basically all week, doc’s orders. I heard from Clay he made it to Colombia with out to much problem and got all his bike stuff figured out and is on his way to Ecuador today. He told me that he had not gotten insurance because the permit office told him not needed, but I swear I have read on ADVRIDER that I do need it to ride in Colombia. Does anyone have first hand experience with this?


I walked around one last time through Panama with a cup of coffee and stopped by a hostel where I knew another moto rider was staying who is on my boat. We talked for awhile and decided to meet back up and ride out to Puerto Lindo together. I headed back to the hostel paid my bill, packed the bike, ate some Bfast, checked over the bike, and headed out. We met up, his name is Matt and he is riding a Honda shadow 750. He is on a riding mission, rode from Florida to Panama City in a month!

        He told me he didn’t know how to get out of here, no worries I got it. NOT!!! Yup I got us lost, going the opposite way, and went back over the bridge headed north!! Hahaha Finally got it figured out and made our way toward Colon. We turned off of the highway and road the coast without too much problems, people holding up sheets trying to stop us so we could give them money. But we just gassed it around them and down the road. Stopping for lunch about 15km away from our hostel, due to knowing there is nothing there to eat. As we were finishing up I saw the hostel owner riding by on his sportster. We headed out and made our way down the road, I was leading and came over this hill and blind turn. There was the owner standing next to his bike bloody… He was alright but had been coming around the turn when I bus was coming the other way in his lane; he tried to miss it but ended up locking it up and going off the road. Luckily he missed the barbwire and just hit the dirt. His bike wasn’t too bad just a little bent here and there. His knee was swollen bloody, elbows were bloody, and split his nose.  Mainly he was just straight pissed swearing and yelling. We made sure he was good; he started up his bike and took off to the hostel. We met our captain and will load our bikes tomorrow afternoon.

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