Saturday, February 4, 2012


DAY 92-


When the evil lady at the hostel finally gave me my deposit back for the boat, she asked if I was going to another boat for cheaper. She didn’t believe that I was going to Panama City to go to the hospital.

I woke up around 7am packed up the bike said goodbye to Clay and headed toward Panama City. I got lost for a second then found my way into Panama, just to get all turned around and lost in the crazy city. It is a horrible lay out all roads going everywhere except the way you’re going. I finally saw the water and headed toward it, got my bearing straight and made it to the hostel. Check my Email got the right hospital to go to, Pacifico. No doctors but I could fork up 50 bucks and go see a doctor in the ER.

I sat with the doctor for 30 minutes, I got the feeling he had no idea what was going on with me. After an exam of my feet and legs he said it was not a blood clot, because the back of my legs would be in pain. My pain comes from my bones in my feet and shins. So he decided it was from being unhealthy, eating cheap, gaining weight, and being in one sitting position every day on the bike. He told me from now on to stop every 1-2hrs and walk around sit and then walk around some more get the blood flowing and then ride some more. I got back to the hostel called global rescue again check in and talked with them letting them know what the doctor had said. The paramedic I talked to took my info and went and talked with the doctor. I called back 30 minutes later, he said the doctor suggested I bed rest and walk around for the next few days and monitor myself checking in with them. The guy made the comment I can then decide if I feel up to keep going south or throw the towel in and head home!?!?! No way in hell I am going home.. I am three months into a 2 year trip. I just need to watch what I eat, exercise every day, and I will be fine. This is kind of a downer, but I will be riding soon no doubt.. Well for now I am going to take a nap… Now you know what I know..

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